Friday, February 26, 2016

Stop the revolution, I want to get off!

Ace at Ace of Spades HQ has just announced that his little fling with revolution is over.

Trump is just too beastly for a respectable Republican to associate with.
Why I am I banging on about Trump's lack of knowledge and thinking on these thoughts?

Because, unlike many, I don't consider thinking and knowledge to be enemies of conservatism and principle. Rather, I consider them to be essential to it.

If you're going to be a conservative -- if you're going to fight the very powerful cultural forces that surround us and push liberalism on us as the easy path you won't get beat up for -- you'd better have some damn good reasons for doing so, or you'll come apart like a cheap suit.
The catalyst seems to have been the debate last night. Ace seems to have been transfixed by Trump's performance; he can't stop talking about how he got his ass kicked, that Rubio and Cruz exposed him, that "last night We Saw a Golden God Bleed Thin Red Blood", and that this leaves his supposed "invincibility and inevitability" in tatters. He actually went so far as to claim this this debate was "a gamechanger", and that "The whole race is now reset," though he was persuaded to dial the hyperbole back a bit. Why a hardly-watched debate would have this effect, when actually losing the Iowa caucus didn't is not explained. I'd have thought losing the first contest would have been the moment when the illusion of invincibility would crumble, but Trump has only grown stronger since then.

But debate performance seems now to be the standard by which a presidential candidate stands or falls. This is Ace's teaching moment:
Let me remind everyone what knowledge, deep thinking over years of consideration, and conviction can get you.

Let me remind everyone of Ronald Reagan's and Robert F. Kennedy's "Great debate" in 1967. A major issue was Vietnam (though Reagan did also take the time to call for the Berlin Wall "to disappear.")

Robert F. Kennedy, the great hope of liberals and intellectuals and liberals who wrongly believe themselves to be intellectuals, got completely obliterated, despite being on the more popular side of the Vietnam War debate.

Why? Because Reagan knew every damn thing that was required to have an opinion, and to defend an opinion, on Vietnam.
So we're supposed to be awestruck at the power of Ronald Reagan to... win a debate? That's a great skill to have, but I just don't feel it's the most important aspect of being President.

The timing of this screed is pretty surprising. Exactly one month ago, January 25, Ace wrote this:
The Establishment has a gameplan. The gameplan is to manage their voters and leave them with little choice but to accept the agenda they've set for us.

Here is what they are hoping: "Sure, the base will squawk and make big noises and rant on the internet, and sure, Rush Limbaugh will hit us, but if we just remain absolutely implacable, unwilling to budge an inch, eventually they will get over their temper tantrum and accept that We Always Win So There's No Use Resisting."

Now, obviously, amnesty is a major part of the Establishment's platform. In their 2012 post-mortem, the consultants, who are super-smart and know everything, made amnesty a central plank to winning in 2016.

The same as they'd previously thought it was the key to winning in 2006, 2008, 2010, etc...

Now, if we all squawk, and make noise, and have our tantrum, but then, in the end, dutifully support an Amensty Super-Hawk like Marco Rubio, precisely as the Establishment always planned for us to do, do you think they'll take that as a repudiation, and a sign that they must reform?

Or do you think, rather, they'll take that as a sign that they calculated the political math perfectly, and they knew our numbers to three decimal places, and they did everything right, and have successfully Managed their stupid, three-toothed inbred voters yet again?

Of course it's the latter.

They could not possibly take the nomination of Marco Rubio any other way. They would take it as total and complete vindication -- and they'd be right to do so, because it would in fact be total and complete vindication.

That's why, for me, Rubio cannot be permitted to win. For me -- you don't have to agree; we're all different, and we all have different priorities -- the Establishment cannot be permitted to walk out of this with a big W.

Even if I lose the election, an even worse outcome would be if I lose, and they win.
Today he writes this:
>>> So are we still burning it down or what?

i'm not in favor of that any more. A while back I wondered "Would it be enough to just scare the shit out of them?" At that time I thought, "No, it's not enough; they'll recover from having the shit scared out of them and go back to business as usual in a week."

But this guy is convincing me he's such a complete disaster now I think I have to settle for just scaring them.

Choose Cruz.
It's as if Martin Luther decided that all those nails were really damaging the woodwork on the Wittenberg church door, and the Pope would probably learn his lesson if he sent him a dirty limerick instead.

At the moment it's "Choose Cruz", but Cruz may not survive Super Tuesday. What then? I see only 2 choices: support Rubio, a complete 180° turn from this position of only a month ago, or hope for a brokered convention in June. And thus would vanish Ace's last pretense of opposing the GOP establishment, which has given us Failure Theater and donor-driven campaigns for amnesty and H-1B visas.

Ace still TALKS about wanting Trumpism Without Trump, yet with no idea of how it can be gotten. And he sneers at Donald Trump for talking wildly and without carefully researching his positions! I can't imagine how he thinks this will not damage his reputation, or his traffic, but I think that already a large number of Trump supporters have departed. The loudest Trump-bashers have had the run of the place for at least a week now, and I've noticed that there are few who bother to engage them in arguments anymore. I think they've just slipped away to more comfortable climes, like, where most of the refugees from regrouped.

In the end, it just comes down to timidity. Men without chests think they want change and revolution, but when it involves discomfort they retreat back to safety.
If this is all just squawking and we all just want to be Managed by the Ruling Class into doing what they've decided is Best for us -- then by all means, vote for Marco Rubio.

Just let them know that at the end of the day, all you want to do is bark a little. Then, having barked your little stupid puppy heart out, you'll roll over and show them your belly, yet again.
Or as Hilaire Belloc wrote,
And always keep a-hold of Nurse,
For fear of finding something worse.


Blogger Tina said...

Great post. I've outlined until exhausted why smart, thinking people using Christian discernment are supporting Mr Trump for President. We've patiently answered each question or charge, and given reasonable responses to every tired old rock they have thrown at him. The folks who want to stay within the invisible lines don't want to think for themselves, I guess.

Thank you for being one of those willing to see the curious self-deceptions the "Hate Trump" people are putting themselves through. At the beginning of this race, I felt happy that we finally had a whole slew of great candidates to choose from. I don't need to convert people from one candidate to another, but I do expect civilized people to treat my candidate with the respect they want for their own.

Instead we get the kind of inexplicable, regurgitated insults that Max Lucado - of all people - threw up. What long teeth they show against Pastor Norman Vincent Peale's most successful student.

I guess if there is any good side to it all, it is that now I know who, among writers, leaders, public personalities, and even friends and acquaintances, judge people based on the gossip they hear and "what other people say", instead of carefully doing their own research and discovering the truth for themselves.

8:55 am  

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