Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Why is Trump popular?

Comment from novanglus at the Belmont Club:
To anyone on the left or the right wringing their hands about the possibility of a Trump victory, I say you have no one to blame but yourselves. You lefties have gone too far with your fundamental transformations. You righties have failed to heed the call from your electorate to stand tall against those fundamental transformations.

What choice have you left us, but to invoke shenanigans? We will elect a man ill suited temperamentally for the office, because no one can buy him and shut him up. We know continuing on the path we are on is the road to ruin, so why not take this detour and see where it leads us. Perhaps it will slap some sense into those who view themselves as the ruling class and remind them that they serve at OUR pleasure.

Back an angry animal into a corner and you get a face full of crazy. Get ready for it. I'm just waiting for Trump to say, "I'm comin'. And Hell's comin' with me. You hear?"


Blogger Jill Eudaly said...

Right now I wouldn't vote for anyone running for President. Trump has BUILT a global empire. I think what we are seeing is what we are getting for better or worse, unlike the flakes that are in D.C. now. I can't help but wonder if Trump is payback for the world thinking Obama was something social. He got the Nobel prize for doing NOTHING. We are going to Hell with or without Trump...

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