Tuesday, December 01, 2015

We got trouble in River City

Got my snow tires put on today, and just in time, because the Weather Network is predicting freezing rain for this afternoon. This is also the day James comes back from respite, so I don't want to be sliding around on the ice with him freaking out in the back seat. I haven't seen any salt trucks out on the roads yet, though, which worries me a bit. Keeping the roads safe in the winter is the ONE thing the Ottawa city government should consider a mandatory obligation, but so often they skimp and take chances and try to cheap their way through, just hoping that their luck will hold if they do the bare minimum.

While sitting in the waiting lounge, I had to listen to the CBC TV newschannel. I SO do not miss having TV at home! Except for the weather report, it seems there are only 2 events happening in the whole world: 1) the climate change conference in Paris. There were endless repeats of Obama's speech this morning (which I managed to evade, by dint of hard concentration on my Kindle). I notice that the press is slipping back into referring to this boondoggle as "global warming", even though that's been thoroughly debunked over the past few years. They must be feeling especially strong right now; they're getting sloppy with their lies. They don't care, they think they're winning.

The other "big" story was the "Syrian" "refugees" coming to Canada. This was reported as if the whole country is bouncing with excitement over the event, when really practically nobody wants them here and or cares about them. But we saw lots of heart-warming stories about the preparations being made and the grand welcome planned by the few gullible idiots who can be got to go on TV and gush about this oncoming plague of locusts.

Ever since the Paris attacks, the press has been going full-bore on the Muslim love and insisting upon attributing it to everyone in the West. For 2 solid days the headline on Yahoo was the sappy story about the French father telling his little boy that the bad guys have guns "But we have flowers." The only place you hear contrary opinions is on the Internet, and I think that contrary opinion is shared by a big majority of the population. We've actually arrived at a Soviet level of press propaganda, where everyone knows that what is being printed and broadcast is complete fiction. Instead of truthfully stating that this "refugee" invasion is being rammed down our throats by a dilettante prime minister and his know-it-all leftists buddies, we're being told that this is as exciting as the arrival of Santa Claus. Instead of the truth, we get this:


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