Friday, December 18, 2015

Very good news!

I posted this on Facebook, but it deserves to be here too. As some may know, we've been having very serious difficulties with our youngest, James, over the past 2 years. He'd become very violent and aggressive, and was actually beating us - to the point where we had to call 911 back in February. James spent 3 months in the psychiatric wing of the Ottawa General after that, and the experts there finally were able to come up with a medication regimen that helped to keep him more stable. It wasn't ideal, but at least the violence dropped off.

We'd also got some extended respite for him starting in September, at a residence he quite enjoys, and where his behaviours are much more under control. I think it's just a better environment for him, more stimulation because he's surrounded by more people, and he gets more exercise and interaction with the people there.

Anyway, on Wednesday Dean went to DSO for the usual quarterly meeting. We expected it would be the usual "nothing has changed" report, but I hoped that MAYBE we could get an extension of the generous respite we'd been enjoying. It was due to run out at the end of March, and I was deathly afraid that after that it would be just back to the way things were earlier this year.

But unbelievably, they told Dean that James had been approved for a permanent residence placement! And better yet, at the very same house where he's currently staying for respite!! We're so happy, I've hardly been able to sleep since! It will be SO much better for all of us - James included. It's a much healthier, more active and interesting life for him, being away in a new home, and I'm thinking that we may actually be able to have a life now too! Maybe we can go for a holiday this year.

The original plan was for James to move in by the end of March, but the residence suggested moving it up to the beginning of January. He doesn't really need extra time for the usual "transition" process, because he's already familiar with the house and he's had experience living away from home. Plus, it occurred to me later that 3 months is a long time to try to keep this secret from James. He's very astute, and can immediately tell when people's behavior changes. He asks pointed questions, and watches closely as we respond, and if we look away or try to evade the question, he knows something's up. I'm nervous that someone will let something slip, and then he could end up spending that extra time building opposition. Better to do it sooner, and we can worry about transferring more of his stuff over there to make it more homey later on.

Anyway, that ALSO has been keeping me preoccupied this week!


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