Friday, December 18, 2015

This guy said...

Dear Ezra Levant must be the most energetic guy in the world. He's properly outraged by the imbecility of the NDP government of Alberta, and had a petition to protest one of their idiotic plans to destroy the energy industry in that province. The call was to save the energy sector in Alberta.

I just can't find it in myself to care enough to try to "save" the Albertans. They voted for these morons. They deliberately CHOSE this socialist stupidity, and grabbed it with both hands. Such people don't deserve to be "saved", they deserve everything they get.

Socialism has been stinking up the world for a hundred years now; it's not some fresh new theory that's caught fire and is being launched by enthusiastic tyros with starry dreams of success. It's old, it's busted. We know it's pure failure. It doesn't succeed, it can't succeed, and it will never succeed anywhere. There's NO EXCUSE for anyone to "give it a chance" anywhere. And yet they do.

It reminds me of the old SCTV episode where Luciano Pavarotti is explaining his new diet to Sammy Maudlin.
(Luciano Pavarotti hauls out a gigantic 10-lb provolone with a knife stuck in it and starts whittling off slices and eating them)
SM: Whatcha got there?
LP: Oh, it'sa provolone. It'sa part of my diet.
SM: Yeah?
LP: Yeah, I gotta eat 4 of these whole things every day.
SM: No kidding? That's all, eh?
LP: No, no, I can eat everything else. But this guy, friend of mine said "Eat 4 of these, and eat all you want, and you'll lose weight."
SM: Wow! Heheh, that looks REAL good! Mind if I have a little bit?
LP: No. I'm sorry, this is part of the diet, I can't share it.
This is how I feel about these retreads of socialism. And Pope Shitty's Sock-it-to-me Minstrel Show in the Vatican, too. Nobody's got the faintest hope of any real argument in favour of this crap. The only basis for it is "Well, this guy said..." followed by something that couldn't convince a moron in a hurry, but they're committed to it, come hell or high water.


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