Friday, December 04, 2015

San Bernardino through a Vaseline-smeared lens

This was how CBC radio described the San Bernardino slaughter: "Two heavily armed persons opened fire at a holiday party."

Good work, guys. Certainly no chance of any uncomfortable thoughts arising from THAT careful choice of words. And I heard this this morning, while driving. It's now 3 days since the massacre, and the facts are public beyond hope. It was two MUSLIM savages who opened fire on unarmed people at a CHRISTMAS party. Yet still the CBC feels it necessary to try to short-circuit our reasoning with this coy sort of vagueness.

Their video of the mandatory weepy candlelight vigil was equally dishonest. They must have scrutinized every square inch of the stadium to locate 3 women wearing headscarves, and interview them for their sensitive, loving outreach to the community. By the way, what kind of idiot was leading that soppy singalong? Calling for "increased faith in our leaders"? As the murders get closer and more frequent and "our leaders" speed up the import of more Muslim timebombs, I think LESS faith is the only thing that will keep us alive.

Frankly, I'm no longer even bothering to learn the details about these sorts of incidents anymore. What's the point? Just tell me the names of the killers, and you've told me all I need to know. Everything else is going to be a pack of lies anyway. It's like the press has determined to smother us all in a steady downpour of feathers. No matter how stonkingly obvious the truth, they think that they can blur it with soft, soothing words, and we too will become so muffled in their soft, white blanket of lies that no sudden movement or even thought will be able to break through to disturb the smooth peaceful surface.


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