Monday, December 28, 2015

Flag of convenience

Tell me again, why are we importing more people from this part of the world? Is there a shortage of crap in Canada?
A Canadian journalist who was released from prison in Egypt this fall said Monday he has asked authorities in that country to restore the citizenship he renounced in hopes of regaining his freedom.

Mohamed Fahmy said he initially refused to give up his Egyptian citizenship when it was suggested to him as a way of speeding up his release.

But he eventually relented late last year after receiving reassurance that he could reapply for it at a later date, he said.

Even so, it took almost a year — and a presidential pardon — before he was freed.

Fahmy, who now lives in Vancouver, said he is seeking to recover his dual citizenship as a “matter of principle.”

“I kind of feel that it was unnecessary for me to renounce my citizenship to get out of prison,” he said. “I’ve spoken to Egyptian officials and my lawyers have and we don’t have a clear answer on why this happened.”

“So now I would like to claim it back,” he said.
This is why nobody wants these lice in this country, despite the CBC's relentless boosterism of the grand arrival of Syrian "refugees". They're liars and ungrateful shits. Canada expended a huge amount of energy and prestige lobbying for Fahmy's release, and this is how he repays us.

If you look down the page of the story you'll see other stories about him, including his snarling attack on the Canadian Prime Minister who got his worthless hide out of the Egyptian jail he'd landed himself in (and should still be occupying, for all I care).

For all the moaning that he was a "Canadian" journalist, he got himself in trouble in Egypt shilling for Al-Jazeera, not the CBC. And now we see just how "Canadian" he actually is. Like so many of the expatriates from that part of the world, Canada is just a convenient bolt-hole for when the heat is on.

I think Foreign Affairs should start experimenting with a new kind of passport for these Canadians-of-convenience: maybe one that can be rented by the month.


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