Sunday, November 29, 2015

Yoga Wars - What happens in India, stays in India

Yet another twist in the Case of the Vanishing Yoga Class.

With the suspension of a free yoga class for University of Ottawa students attracting international scrutiny, student leaders are backing away from comments that the class was shelved over “cultural issues” with yoga.
I should think so. The University of Ottawa became a worldwide laughing stock over its claims that a yoga class that had operated peacefully for 7 years was suddenly unclean because it was an example of "cultural appropriation".
In a statement on Facebook, the SFUO say the Sun report was a “misrepresentation” of its true motivations, and suggest declining attendance was the real culprit, saying, “We wanted to ensure that students’ money and resources was being used in a responsible and efficient way.”
So now we're up to three different excuses for cancelling the yoga class. First was "cultural appropriation", then when this attracted unwelcome attention, it shifted vaguely to "ableism". Now we come to "declining attendance", the excuse that, had it been used in the first place, would have occasioned no remark whatsoever.

Now I wonder if all these self-generating social justice tempests have similar roots. Instead of opting for the simplest, most prosaic reason reason for their outrage, the SJWs feel driven to prove their uniqueness by reaching for a fantastically convoluted pretext. If a restaurant were to serve terrible coffee, screw up the order, and then make a mistake on the bill, a normal person would decide not to go back. But a SJW would think that was too easy; why, any random, unenlightened boob would come to such a conclusion, and who wants to be lumped in with those nobodies? But the restaurant also has coconut palm décor and a Tiki lounge - how insensitive! This is a protest worthy of advanced thinkers, so we'll protest that instead.


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