Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Kinder Egg Kaper

I came across this interesting little short film, entitled "Crooked Candy".

It's about a man who moved from Bulgaria to America, only to find that his favourite treat, Kinder Eggs, are banned by law. When he was a child, Kinder Eggs were rare treats, because the supply to the Iron Curtain country was so limited. Now he's in the land of freedom, but he finds that bossy nanny-state regulation makes them unavailable here, too.

His solution: CRIME! He smuggles Kinder Eggs into the U.S. at every opportunity, for his own enjoyment, of course, not to sell on the black market.

Mark Steyn has written many times about the bossy-boots U.S. Customs officers who confiscate his children's Kinder Eggs when they drive over the Quebec border. I used to be a strict law and order type myself, but this sort of heavy-handed "for the children" smothering has turned me into an anarchic supporter of chocolate egg smuggling, too. Fight the man!


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