Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day, 2015. I was saying to Dean the other day, that this must be the only holiday on the calendar that hasn't been commercialized. No more than via the sale of poppies, such as that one above, which is a tradition in itself and doesn't really count.

No, Remembrance Day is still pristine. When I was a kid, all the stores were closed for Remembrance Day, (which made it one of the most boring holidays of the year, to my immature mind) and even now, stores have to stay closed until the afternoon.

No sales, no discounts, let alone cards, parties, presents and the rest of the frippery that now goes even with harmless little homegrown festivities like Valentine's Day. Just as well, I suppose. It's hard to imagine anything more tasteless than a Remembrance Day party - "Go in costume, dressed as Kaiser Wilhelm! Ten great mustard recipes for your Remembrance Day dinner! Serve the same menu as that of the last night of the Lusitania!" (This last isn't that far-fetched; I've read of people painstakingly reconstructing the Titanic's dinners.)

In the U.S., I think its status is matched by Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. No cards, decorations, parties associated with it, nor big sales, though it hasn't been around that long as a holiday, so I'd want to revisit the question in another 15 or 20 years. By then, things might have changed. I recall when the holiday first started, someone was joking about how long it would be before it came to the same end as President's Day or Columbus day. "I have a dream... about the fantastic savings at Menards!"


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