Friday, December 27, 2013

Funny Metropolis thread

Last month, someone asked a question on the IMDb discussion board for 'Metropolis'. It didn't seem that funny, and it just sat there for over a month, until someone picked it up, and then it finally took off:

QUESTION:   Who saw this in theatres back in 27? What was your 3d experience like???

Settler11:   I still have the headache from that 3D. I think it's just a fad.

paulgray_461:   Those mahogany 3D specs weighed a lot, my friend opted for the 3D monocle which of course proved utterly pointless.

Rosabel:   Well, I wasn't there, but my friend told me that Fritz Lang himself invented the 3D effect by mounting the entire auditorium on a hydraulic platform and zooming the audience forward and backward while the action played on the screen. It's why UFA practically went bankrupt.

Spirit_Of_The_Drum:   There was a guy sitting next to me and he was using a telegraph machine, sending and receiving messages throughout most of the movie. I mean how rude! I hope he won't start some kind of ugly trend...


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