Sunday, August 25, 2013

Damson plums again

We finished picking the damson plums today.  I'd picked about half the plums on the tree during the past week, and just kept them in the fridge.  Today we got out the ladder and climbed up to get the rest.

It came to 10 lbs altogether, which is much better than I expected.  Last year, the tree was badly afflicted with canker and plum cucurlios, so I pruned it back HARD, by about 1/3 at least.  I wasn't really expecting much of anything from the tree this year, thinking it needed to recuperate.  But considering that last year we got 18 lbs., this is a pretty good yield.  And best of all, the tree is pretty healthy this year, with just a few small growths here and there, and not much fruit drop.

It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow, so I think I'll make the jam then; might get about 2 dozen jars.  If we ever have to go survivalist, we'll have lots of plum jam and marmalade to survive on!


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