Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Garden of Eden look

Thomas went out last night to see a movie with the Young Challengers group - it's a social group for young adults with autism. He usually comes back home around 8:15PM.
 Last night I became absorbed in watching a 1984 BBC adaptation of The Invisible Man, and forgot about everything else. Finally I saw him flitting about and realized, 'Oh, he's home!' and went back to my program. 
Next thing you know, I hear James's voice.... coming through the open bedroom window. From outside! Oh, no, I thought - Thomas came in and didn't shut the door behind him! I ran downstairs and out the front door and sure enough, there was James standing in front of the house. STARK NAKED. I hustled him inside. Hopefully he wasn't out long, and ours is a busy street with few pedestrians, plus we have a very big tree in front of the house.  I hope the cars were going past too quickly for anyone to get a very good look at him, and he did have his back to the traffic when I caught up with him. At any rate the police never showed up, so if anyone saw anything they didn't take any action. 
But when I heard James's little babble coming through the window it was like a horror movie:  "The voice is coming from outside the house!!!"  AUUUUGGGGHHHH!


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