Monday, May 20, 2013


The first produce from the garden for this year: rhubarb!

 My two rhubarb plants in the old garden are doing very well. Unfortunately, I lost the third plant, which is up by the shed.

 Last winter, I dug it up, intending to take it to the greenhouse at the school so we could try forcing it in the spring. However, the walk-in fridge in the greenhouse wasn't working, so we didn't have the cold, dark conditions necessary. I figured I'd take it back home again (in the plastic tub in which I'd planted it) and put it in our cold cellar. However, the tub was too heavy for me to move, so once I'd hauled it out of the back of my van, I left it sitting on the driveway, and it FROZE to the ground! I couldn't budge it and so it sat there all winter! When spring finally came, I discovered that it had died. This year I'm planting a rose in its place. Two rhubarb plants are enough for us, anyway.

Yesterday I picked some rhubarb and made a pie:

We watched The Thirty-Nine Steps, the 1978 version with Robert Powell and David Warner. A very good adaptation. Dean has never liked the Hitchcock version because it departs too far from the original novel. This one is much more faithful, though even it changes the ending to make it more visually dramatic.


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