Monday, April 01, 2013

Chesterton: "A Sneer Against Medievalism"

"One of the queerest and most nonsensical of modern notions is that the worship of simplicity is one in which there can be no hypocrisy.  It is the notion that nothing can be sailing under false colours, so long as they are primary colours....

Such people seem to forget that there can be corrupt motives leading to the Simple Life as well as to the Scriptures or the Sacraments; and that there are Socialists who betray Socialism as well as Christians who betray Christianity.  It is certainly not by becoming Puritans that we can make certain of not being Pharisees.  For that matter, it is not even by being Early Christians that we can make certain of not being Simon Magus or Judas Iscariot.  No creed or philosophy, simple or complex, ancient or modern, can be altogether free from the peril of being employed for ends of venality or vanity."

G. K. Chesterton


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