Sunday, October 21, 2012

Bad news from Victoria

You know I've talked a lot about my two Aunts in Victoria. Auntie May is the one who fell out of a cherry tree 4 years ago, and never really recovered - her spine is deteriorating. When you're 79, it's hard for bones to heal they way they used to. Well, now Auntie Kay is sick - she's got bowel cancer. She's been having symptoms for a year at least, but her doctor never ordered any colonoscopy until just a few weeks ago. They operated on her on Thursday, and it looks really bad. They found huge tumours on both her ovaries, which they removed. And they had to remove her entire bowel. Auntie May said they still couldn't get it all, so I don't know what's going to happen now. Radiation therapy, I guess. At the moment they're doing biopsies on those tumours, and then they'll go onto the next step. She's a little younger than May, she's 77, but I worry that she may not want to fight this. She was even very reluctant to even have the surgery, but I told her that just doing nothing isn't an option either. She was already really sick and couldn't eat anything. I think people sometimes get the idea that if you just stay quiet and do nothing, you won't make the cancer mad at you. But there's no pleasant consequences from being passive either, the cancer will get you and it will be a long, slow, sickening until the end. Anyway, I'm pretty upset about this. My sister is nearby in Vancouver, so she's close enough to go over there; I'm so far away I can't do much of anything except print out stuff from online and send it to them (they never have gotten a computer for themselves). I'm really worried, because now they're BOTH frail, and I don't know if they can continue to live on their own now that they're in such bad health.


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How awful for you to be so far away and feel so helpless. I will add their names to yours when I pray (which, BTW, I do daily) for you and your family.

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