Monday, July 02, 2012

He sold you out...for sweeties

I'm too disgusted with the execrable Chief Judas of the Supreme Court, John Roberts to say much. It's all been said on other people's blogs, and I'm finally calming down and able to sleep better, so it's probably just as well to leave it alone. It's not my country, after all, and if America is determined to commit suicide there's really not anything I can do about it.

But I think that all the conservatives desperately looking for silver linings are in shock and denial. This is the same reaction we see from leftists after a shocking loss at the polls - it's all a big misunderstanding, ANYTHING could have happened except what DID happen: our side lost.

Nor do I think much of the "It's not the Supreme Court's job to save us from the consequence of electing garbage to govern us," argument, which is a very convenient one for someone who wants to convince himself his cowardice is really a very special form of heroism. It's like a doctor turning away a patient with high blood pressure, and saying, with delighted integrity: "You brought this on by your stressful lifestyle and unwise diet. It's not my job to rescue you by giving you medicine when if you'd done the right thing you wouldn't have this problem. Now go and save yourself by living a healthy life!" Though come to think of it, that may be a response more and more Americans will become familiar with in the years to come.

I don't believe the excuses made for Roberts, that he was somehow threatened into caving. I've seen how people behave when they've been intimidated into doing something: I remember how the President of Pakistan looked and spoke when he addressed his nation after 9/11, when George Bush had made it plain that there was a very strong and believable "OR ELSE" attached to his demand for Pakistan's cooperation. Roberts instead is cracking jokes about fleeing to an impregnable fortress on Malta as he scurries out of town following his treachery. He sees himself as some sort of daring rogue, a naughty bad boy, a "maverick", to use a term never far removed from conservative betrayers.

I believe John Nolte accurately evaluated the motives of this vain little tart of a man in this article:

Like Jim Jeffords, David Frum, Joe Scarborough, Meghan McCain, and now John Roberts, Parker gave in to the media's siren song, which goes a little something like this:
They're wrong about us. We don't hate you, we don't hate conservatives. No one's asking you to stop being conservative. We would never ask that. All we're asking for is this one thing. And it's only a little thing, a small thing, a baby step. What harm can it do -- this small thing? Who can it hurt? And look at what you get in return. We'll love you. We'll adore. We'll give you affection, acceptance, and stamp your courage into the history books. It's warm here and there are cookies and before you decide, I want you to sit back, close your eyes, and just imagine what it's going to feel like to see your name heralded all across the media, academia and beyond…if you'll just do this one little thing.

Of course, that "one little thing" is always everything, isn't it? Jeffords tipped the balance in the Senate and overnight Roberts evaporated the most potent criticism of Obama, his incompetence. To this day, Scarborough, Frum, Meggie Mac, and Parker continue to reaffirm the most damaging media-created narratives about conservatives: Palin is dumb, Fox News is extreme, Republicans have sold out to the extreme Right, and of course racism, homophobia, and blah blah blah.

Over the last few months, Obama's Media Palace Guards weren't bullying or beating up on Justice Roberts. What they were doing was offering him a deal that he grabbed with both hands. And what you saw and will continue to see is the media fulfilling its end of the deal.

And somewhere out there is another narcissist among us watching how a such "small" betrayal can pay off in such a big way, and swaying back and forth to the sound of the siren's song.


Blogger Tregonsee said...

Funny how these things always work to the Left's advantage. Once, just once, I would like to see a Lefty sell out his/her principles for a mess of pottage.

5:21 pm  
Anonymous Millie Wedlock said...

That's how he show his sympathy even though it don't look so convincing on our eyes. Remember that our personality differs on each other and we got different implementations to what we see. I respect his decision so much.

6:31 am  

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