Sunday, April 22, 2012

No pictures, for obvious reasons

A few mornings ago, just before it was time to get the kids dressed and ready for school, James was walking through the kitchen with no shirt on, and I noticed he had some shreds of white paper stuck around his bellybutton. I laughed and sort of scraped them off, dismissing it as one of his mysterious pranks.

About ten minutes later, he marched up to me completely nude (not that that's especially unusual for him) and demanded "LOOK!" Now, I don't care who you are, it's just a bit difficult to ignore a command like that, no matter how inured to it you think you've become.

I looked accordingly, and found that the white paper shreds were not confined to the bellybutton area. They were clinging to every hair, especially down there. I realized that he'd taken a roll of toilet paper and dissolved it in the shower, then SAT in the white paper and water slurry produced. This must have happened the night before, in his usual before-bedtime shower. I hadn't checked him over at the time, just left him to get into pyjamas himself, so this stuff had thoroughly dried overnight.

Now it was getting time to go to school, and I looked over this mess, and even had the faint fleeting hope I could just leave it and deal with it later, when I realized that today was swimming day, and someone would surely notice this in the changeroom, and he might not even be allowed to go in the pool with this much litter on his body!

So it was upstairs for a quick shower, where I was forced to...well...extract as much paper as I could from the offending area, without getting him mad by causing any pain. The task was accompanied by much muttering, during which I let drop the word "scissors", which only made things worse, because James became very enthusiastic about getting out the scissors to deal with this problem. He's done this on his own, (without my permission, naturally) but I really don't feel it's quite safe to let him loose with a pair of scissors on his area. I'll never forget the one time, when he was very small, that I was hurrying to get him dressed and hastily pulled up the zipper on his pants, inadvertently trapping IT in the gears. It was weeks before he'd trust me with a zipper again!

Anyway, I managed to get most of the stuff off - enough to send him off to school and not worry about a call from the teachers. And the rest of the paper wore off by the end of the day.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Cat vs. Deer

Nice soothing music to start off a Monday.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

That time of year again

Time to reactivate the garden! Temperatures have fallen back from the dizzying highs of last month, but they're still quite warm. I got out the rototiller yesterday and turned over both gardens. I've even planted some seeds - sweet peas along one side of the chickenwire fence surrounding the garden, and real peas at the other end. I could have planted more, but I've ordered two more varieties of peas, and I'll plant them when they arrive. I'm so glad I ordered the seed potatoes to come early. Dean is even hinting that we should plant a few of our leftover potatoes that are starting to sprout right now. He may be right; it's a shame to waste this good weather, and potatoes don't have to worry about morning frost.

It's going to be an exciting spring; we're also getting our back deck replaced. I've been thinking for 2 years that it needed replacing, as some boards have begun to rot. It started with just a few on the raised benches around the outside, but last year some boards right ON the deck began getting dangerous, so I knew it was time. But what really tore it was just as the winter began, Dean stepped on the stairs leading from the deck to the ground, and the whole staircase collapsed under him! It just broke off from the deck and hit the ground - not too great a distance, fortunately, only about a 1-foot drop, but it was quite a shock. We're still able to climb down from the deck, but it's in a hopeless condition now. Time to get it replaced.

We'd been thinking about this lovely aluminum decking, but it's become extremely expensive, and we just can't afford it. I think we'll go for pressure-treated wood, but we're also going to get some awnings for the TV room and the kitchen window, to block the afternoon sun. That's another thing I've wanted for a long time, and if we get a wood deck, we can afford it.

This time I'll have to learn how to take care of a deck, with yearly protective stains and all that. We never did anything at all to take care of the original deck, and even so, it lasted 10 years under our abuse! I hope we can make a new deck last as long as we do. Once the work starts, I'll take pictures of the progress.