Monday, January 02, 2012

Wounded knees and baked bread

The Christmas holiday is going pretty well. We're in another warm spell, and the snow that fell over Christmas has melted off the driveway. It's a strange pattern right now; we're in a sort of wave pattern, where it warms up almost to or over freezing, then drops way back down to -14 for a few days, then the pattern repeats. I'm not complaining; ever since I started driving the school bus, I anxiously watch out for snowstorms, and a dry winter is the best for me.

James somehow hurt his knee Saturday night. I don't know just what happened, but I thought I heard him stumble going up the stairs that evening. The next day, he was complaining about a hurting knee, and he hasn't walked on it since. He's just hopping all over the house on one foot. I'm sure it's just a muscle pull, because there's no bruising or even swelling, but you can't explain that to him. It's sort of funny to hear him saying "OWWWwwww!" in a surprised voice; he's not used to encountering something that can really stop or even inconvenience him.

I went out to the drugstore yesterday and got some liniment and joint-ache bandages. Now my hands smell of that awful eucalyptus, and he keeps demanding "Medicine!" but I think this is something that only time will heal. I've got him to at least stretch out his leg on a footstool under the desk when he's at the computer, and I think that's an improvement. Hopefully by tomorrow he'll try putting some weight on the foot.

He loves baguettes, and we'd run out by the weekend, so finally I couldn't stand him demanding "Bread!" all the time, so I decided to MAKE some bread. I got out the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, looked up the basic bread recipe and got started. It turns out it's not that hard to do after all. I've done it before, long ago, but in the last 20 years I used bread machines from time to time and just figured that this was the way to go from now on. But bread machines break, and I finally decided they take up too much space in our small kitchen, so I haven't made bread for many years.

I made a dozen buns and a loaf of white bread. My mom used to make buns, and I've always wanted to be able to do the same. Mine weren't quite as large, but I may be seeing the past through those kid-eyes that see everything as bigger and better. Maybe they weren't really that large. Mine tasted the same, though.


Blogger Priscilla said...

I'm glad James's knee isn't serious.
We've had quite warm weather, too. Last year's white Christmas was so nice. This year we just had rain. and now, we are going to have more rain. And after that more rain. Well, it is the Northwest - what can you expect?
I have a small kitchen and I keep my bread maker, as well as all my electric appliances, in the coat closet next to the front door, in which I have put utility shelves. It is only a few steps away from the kitchen, and is pretty convenient. My daughter's new studio flat has a really tiny kitchen. Only 6' wide. She manages, though. Her Christmas dinner was lovely.
I hope your 2012 brings you health and happiness.

10:26 am  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

I've always envied those super-organized kitchens that have built-in shelves which swing out from underneath counters, so the kitchen machines are out of sight until you need them. Alas, that's something I'd need a remodelled kitchen to get - ours is just an old-fashioned 70s design with not that much counter space.

8:44 am  

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