Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Refinishing the bed, Part II - veneer

Yesterday I got started on applying the veneer to the spot on the bedrail when it peeled off. Don't believe these DIY websites that say applying veneer is so easy; it's VERY DIFFICULT. I spoiled so many pieces of veneer with false cuts.

Stupidly, I took seriously the advice not to use straight lines, but to cut the veneer on a curve to hide the lines of the repair. If I'd just completely removed the veneer from the entire rectangular section of rail, from edge to edge, I could have easily applied two pieces to fit, and it would have been done in an hour or so. Instead, I laboriously traced an outline of the curved section that needed fixing and went through hell trying to cut veneer to fit.

One thing that did work well, though, was taking off the old veneer around the edge of my design. I used a steam iron to loosen the glue and then pried it off easily with a putty knife.

Then came tracing the shape on paper and cutting it out:

I tried to do it in 2 sections, but I had to give up when I was about half through. The pieces just wouldn't fit, so I got the first piece glued down then the second piece broke in half and I glued that down, and resumed work today.

Today I redrew the remaining section so the curves are a little wider, and applied the last piece.

Here's hoping it glues down without too many bubbles and gaps; I'm getting sick of trying to squeeze glue into tiny cracks and clamp every square inch of this thing. I don't know if I'll bother fixing the back of the rail - this was really hard to do, and took me 2 days. The back won't be seen when the bed is in use; it could just be left and nobody would ever know.


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