Saturday, October 01, 2011

The damson tree

I forgot to mention that for the first time ever, the damson plum tree produced enough fruit to be worth picking! I believe it was about 11 lbs, and I ended up making over 2 dozen jars of jam.

It was a surprise that anything came of this tree at all, because as usual, it was bedevilled all season by various pests. Aphids were EVERYWHERE, because it was so damp this year, and there was also an attack by the dreaded plum cuculios, but I beat that off with several doses of insecticidal spray. Worst of all was that the tree was afflicted by a sort of dying-off blight. Whole branches would just dry up and die. I'd have to cut them off, back to healthy tissue, and hope for the best. Sometimes the tree would put out fresh shoots around the cut, so it still has lots of vigour, but I was worried I'd have to cut it back to a stump! Of course, it's got the usual canker problem too - that's also worse in a damp year, but I'll get a better look at the damaged branches once the leaves fall off.

Meanwhile, here's a look at the glorious scene in August, just before I picked the plums:


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