Friday, August 05, 2011

Great gift for Grandma

I've ordered my personalized copy of Mark Steyn's new book "After America". I asked him to inscribe it "To Dr. Mabuse", but now I wish I'd asked for "To Dr. Mabuse, The Blogger" as a play on the title of Fritz Lang's first great Mabuse film. Maybe next time, if there are enough printing presses still standing for Steyn to publish another volume.

He made a great appearance on Ezra Levant's show on Wednesday, the day after the GOP-Democrat Deal of the Century, and the day before the catastrophic stock market meltdown everyone was assured could only be averted by said deal.

One of the points he made, which he's made in a few essays over the past year, was that he keeps wondering "What's keeping the joint up?" I think I know: it's hypnosis. As long as people believe that they can spend more money than they possess the economy will continue defying gravity forever. But if those Tea Partiers succeed in sowing doubt, well...


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