Monday, May 03, 2010

We have a guest

A duck has started hanging out in our birdbath.  As you can see, the stone birdbath is not exactly roomy; it only measures about 1' x 2', and the duck fits in it the way a human would fit into a normal bathtub.  But she's come around for the past two evenings, and seems very content just to climb in, drink a lot, and soak her feet.  Unfortunately, she also poops as soon as she gets into the water, so I have to clean it out and refill it as soon as she leaves.  She goes and sits down on the neighbours' lawn while I sweep out the dirty water and pour in more fresh.  This usually attracts her back for a second visit!  She departs before it gets dark.

I was worried that she might be sick or injured, but she looks fine - no limping, no hanging wing.  I've noticed that she seems to be alone.  Maybe she lost her mate, or for some reason didn't find one, and has no eggs to take care of.  Anyway, she seems happy to just loaf around here for awhile.  I don't know what she eats, though the neighbours have some good birdfeeders which might drop seeds on the ground.  Ducks eat vegetation, too, I believe, and there's plenty of grass around.  The river is a few blocks away, but she seems to feel that she's got everything she needs right here.  She must have a routine during the day, because she only comes by in the later afternoons.


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