Monday, March 15, 2010

Next, pawn the silverware

St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Paterson, NJ, is considering selling its dozen Tiffany stained-glass windows to keep afloat.
Roughly two dozen church members gathered in the sanctuary of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church on Saturday morning to discuss the future of the stained-glass panels.

A private collector has offered the church vestry $2 million to purchase the windows, donated by church members and designed by Tiffany Studios sometime between 1890 and 1898, according to the Rev. David B. Wolfe. Church officials are not revealing the collector’s name because he has requested anonymity.

They also would not comment on the church’s finances.

Or demographics. But never mind, reading that "Roughly two dozen church members" turned up to discuss liquidating a genuine treasure like 12 Tiffany glass windows tells us pretty much all we need to know.
On Saturday, parishioners voiced mixed emotions about selling the windows — some supportive of the idea to remedy the church’s financial needs, and others saying the move would snub the church’s benefactors.

A private collector has offered the financially struggling church vestry $2 million for the windows, to mixed feelings. "It betrays the memory of families and people that gave us those windows," said church historian Delores Most, 80, of Paterson.
A pity their "church" didn't think of that when they were busy selling off all the other things those "families and people" gave them, like orthodox Christian belief and discipline.

It may not be the fault of this particular parish; they're in a poor neighbourhood, and for all I know, may be staunch Anglo-Catholics. But it doesn't matter. They're part of a useless organization with nothing to offer the world, and so they're stuck in a starving parish with a leaky roof, crumbling stonework and a decaying hall, and having to pawn their valuables just to survive. No future, like their denomination.


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