Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The man with no nation

Interesting article by Robin of Berkley, describing Obama as "a stranger in a strange land". This is what you get from feckless, selfish parents, spawning kids that get in the way of their oh-so-important journeys of self discovery. A sluttish mother with her train of exotic bed partners produced a kid with no parental figure to respect or bond to. Dragging him after her like a leashed pet produced a rootless cosmopolitan with no country to call his own. His attempt to construct his own "family" just resulted in a larger pool of misfits like himself. Nor did it work - as we have seen, there is no one that he will not abandon when convenient; his "attachment" has never been real.

Unlike Moses, the original "stranger in a strange land", who was rooted in God and his people, though physically tossed about, Obama reminds me of the character of Lt. Francis Farewell in Shaka Zulu - a chameleon perpetually on the make, who compulsively deceives everyone in his quest for self-advancement. At the end of the story, Farewell finally must face the rejection of Shaka and the devastating summary of his own empty character: "You are a man with no nation." America has now discovered that they were like the monkey in the story, baited with "something shiny" - Hope and Change - they put their hand in the gourd, and are suddenly trapped.

A pity this clip ends just there. They don't give the answer to the question. Farewell asks, "Go? Where? Where shall I go?" and Shaka answers "Where I have been" - into the howling hell and wilderness of despair.


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