Saturday, December 05, 2009

False advertising

Winter may be just getting underway, but I have something to help me get through the dark months ahead: the first spring seed catalogue has arrived!

My Dominion Seed House catalogue came in the mail a few days ago, and yesterday I finally settled down to examine it. I usually order something from them every year - they're the source for Chaleur seed potatoes, and I'll probably get some multicoloured swiss chard seeds from them this year, as well as the usual Morning Glory (oh, faint hope!) which I try to grow every year.

We're going to cut back on the potatoes this year, in keeping with garden hygiene; you're not supposed to grow potatoes year after year in the same spot, because the soil can end up harbouring diseases particular to potato plants. So this year, we've decided to try growing corn. My aunts in Victoria grow corn, so I can consult them for advice, and the farms around Ottawa grow lots of corn, so I know the climate is suited to it.

Yesterday I turned to the Corn section in the catalogue to see what varieties we might go for, and as my eye travelled down the page, I stopped at a certain entry. Here it is in the online catalogue: Looks nice, eh? "Best early variety. High yield. This variety of white pop corn is the one that is best adapted for our northern climate..."

But in the printed catalogue, THIS is what you find:

I don't know if Dominion Seed House is quite prepared for all the orders they're going to receive from Las Vegas and the San Fernando Valley, nor for the complaints that are sure to follow: "Hey, I swallowed them and I inserted them, and nothing happened! I want my money back!"


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