Monday, September 28, 2009

Fall in Ottawa

It's been an amazingly warm September; the nicest slow drift into fall that I can remember. The tomatoes are still producing, but we've stopped picking them. I forgot about the zucchini plant for the past month, and yesterday found 5 monster zucchinis under the leaves. They're too big to eat now - they'll have to be chopped up and put in the compost pile. There are still a few small zucchinis growing; I must try to remember to check on them every other day, and pick them while they're still usable. I pulled up the cucumber plants this morning, and put them in the compost too.

Fall is actually my favourite season. The heat is gone, or only returns at rare intervals, when it's really appreciated. The nights are cool and good for sleep, and the air has a lovely scent of leaves, with sometimes an exciting whiff of woodsmoke. At the same time, there's something a little tense about the season - I always get the feeling that we're living on borrowed time in the fall, and inevitably the winter will come, bringing discomfort and inconvenience. And even a bit of fear; winter is the season when you can die if you get careless and you're not fortified against Nature.

Every morning I see big Vs of Canada geese heading south. They started late this year, not until the second week of September. I've seen them heading south just after mid-August, so maybe this means we'll have a mild, or at least a late, winter.

This morning, on my way with James to pick up my first passenger, I saw a coyote crossing Limebank Rd. in front of us! That was just south of the airport, about 3 kilometers south of our house - not what you'd call out in the country, but definitely near an outlying suburb, that's just being developed. I was very surprised; I've never seen a coyote before, and certainly never expected to see one so close to the city. People better keep their kitties locked up in the house.


Blogger Tregonsee said...

Before I retired, I visited Ottawa fairly regularly, and always enjoyed walking along the Rideau Canal. Or walking on it in the winter. Great memories. Thanks!

12:26 pm  
Blogger Priscilla said...

I just spent a week in Montana where it was beginning to look like Autumn. Here in Portland it it has finally cooled off, the trees are turning and there is a nip in the air. Apple Weather - crisp. Yea!!!!!!!

12:38 pm  

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