Saturday, August 15, 2009


We finally have hot weather, and it brought with it a typically unwelcome friend: last night I had a bout of food poisoning.  Dean barbecued a small piece of salmon for me, since I didn't feel like anything very heavy in this heat, and sure enough,  3 hours later I was sick.  Fish is just risky in summertime - I should have remembered that from India.  It probably got warm when he brought it home on the bus, or maybe a fly landed on it when he was getting ready to cook - anyway, I was up half the night with horrible stabbing pain to my lower right abdomen.

By 3:00 AM, I was thinking that maybe if I threw up, it would put an end to the pain, so I willed myself to vomit (you can do it, if you're determined enough), but by then, there was almost nothing left in my stomach.  I guess the salmon was easily digested, whatever its other demerits.

Today the pain is diminishing, but I'm very exhausted, so I'll probably sleep a few hours to try to recover.  I was scared by the stomach pain, because I remember that this is exactly how my mother's stomach cancer came to light: she got food poisoning, but the pain was so severe and lasted so long, she went to hospital, and that's when they discovered the existing condition.  I'm always afraid the same thing will happen to me.


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