Sunday, June 14, 2009

Bombs in Gatineau park, near Ottawa

Sounds like someone was practicing out in the woods:
Gatineau police are investigating after two bombs -- one exploded, one not -- were found in a park just after midnight Friday.

Police responded to reports of an explosion in the St.-Onge St. park at 12:15 a.m. Saturday.

They found a mixed-liquid homemade bomb had gone off. Nobody was hurt and there wasn't anything damaged.

A Surete du Quebec bomb unit was brought in to diffuse the bomb and the park was back to normal by 7 a.m.

Police are investigating.
And no, this doesn't happen all the time in Ottawa, it's VERY rare.


Blogger Kasia said...

Is the FLQ back?...

11:03 am  
Blogger Blazing Cat Fur said...

Is the FLQueda back?

11:56 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

BCF is probably nearer to the mark.

2:11 pm  

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