Thursday, April 16, 2009

Book vs. Cover

I heard about this amazing YouTube video on the radio this morning. It's from "Britain's Got Talent" reality TV show. I've never actually watched ANY of these shows, like American Idol, because the clips I'd heard seemed to lean on the mockery side, and that always makes me uncomfortable. I remember The Gong Show from my youth, and I didn't need to see a higher-tech version of that freak show.

Well, the radio talk show host said that this was a surprise, and I wasn't prepared for how much of a surprise it was when I turned it on. The contestant, Susan Boyle, looks like someone's good-natured Scottish granny, and just looking at her you can add up how many points against her society would levy. But just watch her explode all those assumptions when she opens her mouth to sing. She's an inspiration to all of us fat, plain, awkward middle-aged women with heavy eyebrows! Watch it, and keep your Kleenex handy.


Blogger Priscilla said...

Oh, I love this woman. I really love the surprise and shame (I hope)on the faces of the "judges". She makes me feel happy about my un-plucked eyebrows! It is making the rounds of the internet. Good on her. Hope she makes it to the West End. I don't like those amateur shows, either. I have always found it troubling how people clap and cheer when performers make a less than stellar performances. Is it encouragement to try better or just embarrassment?
BTW, I filled out the survey concerning sneezing. I sent your blog to my daughter. I'm not sure if she sneezes in sunshine. My younger daughter doesn't.
I posted pictures of the Portland, OR Tea Party on my blog. We had 6000+.

7:26 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you look like, but I can tell by the way you write, you're anything but "plain."


6:20 pm  
Blogger Dr. Alice said...

I loved this video, and I teared up too. I have heard that Simon Cowell is trying to help her get a record contract and I hope it's true - she will need someone on her side to make sure she doesn't get taken by an unscrupulous manager.

7:35 pm  

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