Monday, February 09, 2009

Bad scare

I had such a scare today. The buses are back, but they're only operating at about 50% strength so far, so Dean's original plan to take the bus to work fell apart when it raced past him, full, and he couldn't wait another half hour for the next one. He came back home, and I got out the van to drive him. No big deal; Emma had a spare first period, so I wouldn't have to drive HER to school until about 10:15, so I had lots of time to get to External Affairs and back. The only problem was I was about to cook some porridge, but the water had not quite started to boil, so I took it off the stove, and resolved to make it when I got back.

Sure enough, I got home about 10:00, and about 10 minutes later, was back in the van driving Emma to school. By this time, I realized I was almost out of gas, so I headed to the gas station to fill up (80 cents a litre - the nerve of them, expecting us to pay these prices!). I'd also been meaning to check the tires, so I did and found them very low (always happens in the winter), so I filled them up with air as well. After filling up with gas, I decided the car was pretty dirty, so I'd take it through the car wash as well.

Things were going really well - it's quite cold out, but it's still a lovely sunny day, and it's supposed to get warmer over the next few days - and I was very relaxed, waiting for my turn through the car wash when a deadening thought crossed my mind: I'd put the pot of water back on to make the porridge when I got home from driving Dean. And I'd walked out of the house, leaving it there!

My ribcage felt like it was squeezing my heart. I was next in line for the carwash...I'd already entered the automatic code...oh, no, someone else has come into the line behind me! I had to go through with it - I had to go through the wash before I could get home and turn off the stove! As I watched the car in front of me, I was hoping they'd opted for the cheapo wash instead of the deluxe with wax and sealant. Then in I went, and the whole time I was thinking, "I put in 4 cups of water - how long would it take to boil dry? How long have I been gone? Thirty-five minutes. Would the pot be dry by now? What if the handle melts? What if it melts and drips on the burner and catches fire? Yin is alone in the house...oh, God..."

Fortunately, this time I had opted for a cheaper wash, so it didn't take too long to get through. The light came on, the door opened, and the sign advised me to advance slowly through the blowers. Naturally, I was out of there like a bat out of hell, steam rising from the undried water on the underside of the car. I raced the 1.5 km home at about 100km/hr - I was perfectly willing to pay a speeding ticket, if only the cop would follow me home and let me get to the kitchen first! I was scanning the sky all the way, looking for any rising smoke.

Bursting into the house and running to the stove, I found the pot was indeed dry, but had only begun to change colour, so it hadn't been dry for long. The handle had a slight crack in it from the heat, but it hadn't melted. Yin gave a little woof of surprise when I blasted past her, but nothing bad had happened. Whew! I've been shaken up about it all day. One thing I did, was I abandoned all thought of making porridge! Clearly there was a curse on it, after two failed attempts, and I was not meant to have porridge today.


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