Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More work for Canada's fascist Human Rights industry

Another "human rights" complaint, this time out of Winnipeg:
A same-sex couple has filed a human-rights complaint against a Winnipeg doctor, claiming she refused to treat them because she doesn't know how to treat lesbians.

Andrea and Ginette Markowski were stunned when the doctor suggested the legally married couple look for another physician since homosexuality violates her religious beliefs.
Thanks for the "legally married" qualification; a not-so-subtle reminder that as the State goes, so goes the world. As for the assertion that the doctor rejected the pair because of her religious beliefs, there is nothing anywhere else in the story to support that claim. The doctor in question said that "she's never treated lesbians before" and declared that she was unwilling to deal with people "who sometimes have "sexual problems" and other diseases." Whether that's true or not is irrelevant to the fact that THIS is the excuse she gave, not that she disapproves of homosexuals.
Ms. Markowski also said she asked Dr. Elias whether treating a same-sex couple was a problem for her, and alleges she said yes.
But we don't have to pay any attention to what she says are her reasons for this "problem" - there is only ONE reason for saying no to a lesbian patient, and that's benighted religious superstition. And once you've decided a person is a religious bigot, why scruple to call her a liar as well? It's good practice for the trial, where nothing Dr. Elias says will make any difference anyway.

This is only partly a complaint about the way disaffected and disappointed people in Canada instantly seize upon the brute power of the State to bludgeon their opponents into submission. It's partly a gripe about the state of medicine in this country.
Andrea Markowski said she and her partner of 18 years made an appointment with Dr. Kamelia Elias after they heard she was accepting new patients.
Now, THAT'S a familiar story for Canadians! Many people prowl the new developments going up on the outskirts of Ottawa, watching the shopping centers taking shape, because they almost always have a clinic. And as soon as the sign goes up "New Patients Welcome" the phone lines light up with people telling their friends and relatives who have not been able to find a personal physician to hurry down and sign up, no matter how inconvenient the location. That's what socialized medicine has reduced us to.

Doctors know it too; they don't have to worry about starving for patients, they can have a full roster within a week of advertising. It's the equivalent of a seller's market in real estate; they don't have to settle for whoever comes through the door, they can pick and choose their patients, and the tendency among doctors is to sign up the "easy" patients, who won't cause trouble or take up lots of time, because they can squeeze in lots of little appointments and get paid for each one, instead of getting stuck all morning on one troublesome patient with a complicated problem. That's what happened in this case, even though the lesbians are too outraged to believe it. The doctor thinks that they'd be bothersome patients, and there's easier money to be made.

When our kids were diagnosed with autism, they were basically shut out from the pediatricians of Ottawa. In Boston we had no trouble - a doctor who was interested in their condition took them on. But back in Ottawa, no one wanted them. Even Emma was rejected by our family doctor, who'd been seeing us for over 15 years - too troublesome to have a patient with an underlying condition, even though it had no particular physical symptoms. We were lucky to find ONE doctor who finally accepted Thomas and James, and we managed to slip Emma in with us when we moved to another doctor out of town. I don't think he even realized she had Asperger's Syndrome until she'd become a regular patient.

Now, I guess WE could have filed a Human Rights complaint against those doctors, but what would be the point? I remember in 'I Claudius', they quoted a supposed Roman proverb: "Better to go on foot than ride an unwilling horse." Do you really want your doctor to be a subjugated slave? Doesn't that worry anyone, just a little? Who feels confident that he would get the very best care from a doctor who has been beaten up by the State and dragged to one's bedside?

If we didn't have such a crappy, rationed medical system, this problem wouldn't have arisen. The lesbian couple MIGHT, by sheer bad luck, have happened on a doctor who had strong religious objections to them. But it's more likely that they'd have friends who could recommend them to THEIR doctors - doctors with no such difficulties, or maybe even with opposite opinions, or perhaps who maybe even specialized in homosexual patients. This is impossible now - patients have no opportunity to choose their doctors, they have to grab anyone who comes along.

Knowing the way these tribunals have worked in the past, I doubt the lesbian couple has any intention of really setting up a doctor-patient relationship with Dr. Elias, no matter what happens. They're just the latest to discover how easy it is to get into the shakedown business in Canada, and are out to punish the doctor for inconveniencing them in a way that hurts their pride. We'll hear that this all ends with a little dough applied to the tender bruised egos of the two women, who will have long since moved on to another doctor anyway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

But will the HRC look kindly on people who are eschewing the national service to go to a private physician, since HRCs are part of the same bloated bureaucracy?

Is it true only 1% of physicians operate outside the national system?

7:46 pm  
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