Tuesday, November 04, 2008

James takes up skating

I had to go to Canadian Tire today, to get James outfitted for the skating lessons his class is going to be taking over the winter. Ugh - $65 for the skates, $35 for the helmet, $15 for the bag, and a pair of waterproof gloves - almost $130, before taxes! Luckily, Thomas can still wear his skates from last year, so all I had to get for him was new gloves.

I must say, it seems to me a risky thing to be teaching James how to skate. Swimming is one thing, because it's fun and refreshing, but skating? All I can foresee is "Fall down - get mad. Fall down - get mad. Fall down - etc." Well, it's their - "funeral", I was about to say, but maybe "decision" would be more diplomatic.

Speaking of diplomatic, Dean is down in San Diego right now, negotiating water rights with the Americans. He called me from his hotel this morning, to tell me that it took him almost an hour to check his luggage at the airport and get through security. He kept setting off the alarms, and nobody could figure out why. Somehow, his left knee was the attraction, and the bells would go off every time they passed the wand over it. The security guard finally had to physically feel his knee, to make sure there was no metal in it! I said maybe he has a high iron content in his blood, and it's deposited in his knee - something like that happened on a recent 'Fringe' episode, only the character turned into a human antenna.


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