Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Still batting 1.000

Canada's budget Marat, Richard Warman, continues his unbeaten streak with yet another decision in his favour by the Revolutionary Tribunal. Oops, sorry, wrong Tribunal - the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal. These "decisions" are becoming as staged and predictable as Chinese opera: the "cause" was a violation of Section 13, otherwise known as Warman's Law, since it is his own private Act of Attainder, launched at will against whomever he selects as this month's Enemy of the People. The defendant is poor and unknown. The "crime" is saying something that pisses off Citoyen Warman. The penalty is the same one awarded to Galileo: public silencing.

There was one variation: the Tribunal didn't award the usual bounty to Citoyen Warman - too many people watching.
But in a break with past practice, the tribunal declined to impose a penalty on Melissa Guille, co-founder and webmaster of the Canadian Heritage Alliance, a self-described collection of dissident writers and Canadians concerned about the suppression of civil liberties by special interest groups.

The story says later that Guille is a woman of modest means:
As well, imposing a fine could impose "undue hardship" on her, the tribunal added.

A single mother, Ms. Guille testified she earns $560 a week as an administrative secretary.

Interesting little detail, that. In REAL trials, information like that comes AFTER the verdict, when the judge is considering the sentence, and mitigating circumstances are offered to persuade him to be lenient. Canada's Revolutionary Tribunals don't waste their time - the accused has to plead for mercy BEFORE the verdict. And why not? Since there is never any verdict but one? Soon, they may decide to streamline the process further and dispense with hearings altogether.

I hope you are watching this, America. Remember what sort of police state you are entering when you come up here for vacations, or to attend the Olympics.


Blogger Priscilla said...

I don't know if you have seen this:

but your country isn't the only one in which there are demagogues who feel the need for control. Watch your back, you never know who's listening.

10:39 am  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

I hadn't seen that. It chills the blood to see this happening in the U.S., though at least you don't have "special courts" set up to try these sorts of "crimes" as we do. If anyone is charged with the crime of "lying" in Missouri, it still has to be prosecuted in a normal court of law, where your Constitution should result in it being quashed. No such protection in Canada.

10:52 am  

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