Thursday, September 04, 2008

Let's hope this is true

From today's Citizen:
Members of the religious right seeking to recriminalize abortion are putting pressure on MPs to support a bill making it a crime to kill an unborn child while attacking its mother, says Bloc Québécois MP Rev. Raymond Gravel. He said other Catholic MPs have confided in him that their priests have refused to give them communion because they voted against Bill C-484, which would make it a separate offence to kill an unborn child while committing a crime. Father Gravel revealed he wouldn't be running in the election expected this fall after a complaint from anti-abortion advocates led the Vatican to force him to choose between politics and the priesthood.
Putting aside the alarmist reference to "members of the religious right", as if there's some putsch-in-waiting being run from the Vatican, I really do hope that Catholic priests are taking their responsibilities seriously and closing the "personally opposed but..." bolthole that politicians have used for years. And the rule against priests running for office dates back to the very first days of JPII, starting with Robert Drinan - it's not as if he's being singled out.

The headline for this little paragraph is weird, though; it reads "Priesthood before politics for Tory MP", when the story clearly states that Gravel is a member of the Bloc Quebecois.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

And, in Canada, Father Bob Ogle got out of federal politics in the 1980's because of pressure from his local bishop.

Not sure about Father Andy Hogan's reasons for not running again after 1980.

11:48 am  
Anonymous Kakistokrat said...


The request that the priest choose between his politics and his priesthood is not as you say an unusual one. Gravel made the right choice.

Regarding how he is presented in the media, there is a perception that Gravel is pro-abortion. In fact he has consistently said the opposite on record in Parliament, namely that he believes abortion is wrong. His position is that recriminalizing abortion will not reduce the number of them, and in desperation many will seek out more dangerous alternatives. Gravel promotes a whole range of social services that he sees as being the real way to reduce the choices potential mothers make to abort their child. Where I believe he is wrong, is in my perception that in combining social services, with even some legislative limitations to abortion, abortions which we all want to see reduce will significantly do so...

Anyways, I share my thoughts at my blog on this subject, and invite your participation there

2:40 pm  

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