Friday, September 05, 2008

Gardenella, Queen of the Potato Patch

Now that Labour Day is over, the gardening season is winding down, albeit slowly - summer is still lingering an extra week, and today the temperature is predicted to go up to 30C. However, the early cool weather in June and July slowed things down so far, we'll never make up the growing season. We've had some successes, but this wasn't a huge gardening year by any means.

Dean has been digging up the potatoes, and we got a pretty good haul, though they weren't as large as in past seasons. The Purple Vikings I tried (just a few plants) turned out really well, and I think I'll plant several rows next year. The Chaleurs turned out nice, though a bit smaller than 2 years ago, when we tried them for the first time. The Russian Blues are small, but with a a REALLY deep purple colour this time. The All Reds turned out well, mostly because they were in the Old Garden, and the soil hadn't been stomped down hard by James - it made it difficult for the potatoes to grow freely, as there is a bit of clay in our soil, and it can pack down hard.

The raspberries are prolific, but the question is, will we have enough sun and heat for them to ripen? Usually we're picking full baskets of raspberries by the last week of August; this year we're already into September, and are just collecting a handful of ripe berries a day. If the weather holds, we should get lots, but we could also end up with a lot of green ones that never make it.

The tomatoes are doing pretty well, but again, no great bumper crop. In past years, Dean has had to lug them to the office to give them away, but this year we are not overwhelmed with quantity. I'm going to try canning a small batch of tomatoes, just to see if I can do it.

The one thing I'm really worrying about is the morning glories. The vine has finally grown to full height, and there are tiny buds, but so far we've had just ONE flower. These plants are so tender, they'll die at the first frost, and I'm concerned that the weather may not last long enough for the flowers to open. That would be a great disappointment, especially as I finally managed this year to get 3 Moonflowers to grow; I would like to see one flower before the fall closes everything down.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can make pickles and relish out of any green tomatoes you end up with. That's what we do down here.
Lovely garden!

10:37 am  
Anonymous Robbo said...

The good folks where we used to fish in New Brunswick always used to say "buh-day-duh". I can't help reading your post without thinking of that!

12:11 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Ah, but I'm from Vancouver, where you'll hear a more British-sounding accent, due to the large number of Brits who settled the place. So I'm always very precise about pronouncing the 'p's and 't's.

I just finished canning 7 pints of tomatoes - a hot job, but they'll be useful over the winter, as I'm always needing to buy canned tomatoes to make various curries.

12:27 pm  

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