Friday, June 13, 2008

Enemies of the people

This is the proper place for Christians in Canada, according to The Alberta Human Rights Commission. We join conservatives like Mark Steyn and Ezra Levant in being suitable candidates for totalitarian repression, humiliation and forced recantation.

Americans have to wake up to this. I know there's been some coverage in the U.S. media (even the New York Times!) which certainly is better than what we've been getting in Canada, but I think you're missing a big point. Even when there is notice and concern, it sort of peters out into good-natured musings about "our good friends to the north", as if Canada has come down with a mild case of the mumps, and doesn't look quite herself, but will be back to normal in a week or so.

It's not like that. Because we look like you, talk like you, dress like you, shop for the same things and watch the same movies, you're convinced that we really ARE basically Americans, with just the odd funny accent and a few flaky foreign policy preoccupations. We used to be like you, but not because of any of those physical things.

What made us alike was a shared belief that we lived in a pretty good country, and it was good because the people who started it had built it properly, with rules and laws that worked and made sense. Those rule and laws had come out of a long, long history of trying things, making mistakes, going down blind alleys, figuring out what really works and what doesn't. They were our heritage, traceable all the way back to England in the Middle Ages and even further back to the Romans and the Jews. We came of a long and honourable lineage, and we knew it.

By and large, you still have that belief - but we don't anymore. Now we're in a place where every day brings a new project to remake, reconstruct, retool and revamp Canada; where any rule can be abandoned and reversed for the sake of a fabulous new vision by some group of determined zealots who've managed to wangle themselves into a position of power. Where what we approved of yesterday is torn up and stamped on today, and we're like marionettes, finding out every day that someone else has grabbed a new string to jerk us by.

Watch us and learn, because Americans have some naive assumptions about the rest of the world and about yourselves. Since America has been so spectacularly successful in a material way, and has not fallen to the tyrannies that engulfed so much of the rest of the world, especially Communism, many drew a false lesson. They thought that it was material success that kept you safe, and if other countries could be helped along and kept from poverty, they too would reject collectivism. A little wealth would work as an innoculant, stimulating the defenses. But now you can look at Canada and see that that's not true. We're wealthy, western, techologically advanced, etc. but we're still sliding into the pit.

It wasn't your wealth that kept you safe, it was your belief in the goodness of your country and your people. We've lost that, and you could lose it too, so beware. As Lucien Bouchard said, "Canada is not a real country." Everyone protested, but it turns out he was right. There's an empty space where the idea of Canada used to be, and an empty space will be filled by something. Right now, we're like the man in the Bible, possessed by many demons - one day one grabs us, then another, and we jerk and lurch about as one after another gets control. Eventually one powerful one will overrule the others, and you'll see a determined, coordinate effort to stamp out and silence dissent, especially on the part of Christians. Watch for the signs of this happening in your country, and stop it before it eats away your culture the way it has ours.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awareness of what is happening in Canada is starting to trickle southward, mostly thanks to the blogosphere. I found the NYT article informative but chilling, not only because of what is happening up north, but also because of the quotes from those looking to follow European and Canadian practices on suppressing 'hate speech' as a curb on first amendment rights. Yes it could happen here.

Do you think there was a particular moment or short epoch in Canadian history that foreshadowed the slide to where things are now (perhaps during the reign of Pierre Elliot Trudeau)? I don't know anything about English speaking Canadian history, just a little about Quebec (mostly related to the 'revolution tranquille' secularization of the 60s).


2:04 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, I don't remember hate being a Christian value to be fought for.


4:38 am  
Blogger Matthew said...

Hate has a habit of being redefined to suit those in power. It's much safer for society to deny the tools of censorship to the political class.

Aristotle argued that some people were born to be slaves. When I hear the arguments for banning 'hate speech' my heart chills with the certainty that he was right.

They yearn for their chains. And consumed with envy, they want the rest of us to be chained as well.

12:12 pm  
Blogger The Bovina Bloviator said...

Why don't you move to the States? We'd love to have you!

4:02 pm  
Anonymous Jeffersonian said...

Funny, I don't remember hate being a Christian value to be fought for.

It all comes down to definitions and application, doesn't it, Scott? Who gets to define what "hate" means is at the crux of this, and right now it means giving offense to approved groups, even though one is being entirely factual in one's expression. The mistake you make, as do all who yearn for the expansion of state power over our lives, is that these levers you provide will always be in the hands of those with whom you agree...a very dangerous assumption.

Canada is no longer a free nation when its journals, talk shows and internet fora are combed for actionable opinions. Everyone is forced into a popsicle-stick smile. But the views don't go away, Scott, they just get pushed underground to fester. One day they will return, and return in a fashion you will not approve of.

11:57 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Scott" should bone up on his READING SKILLS. The Rev. Boisson and Catholic and Anglican priests and protestsant ministers of every denomination always emphasize the Christian theological perspective to "condemn the sin and not the sinner."

I find it very telling that I seem to actually KNOW far more about Christian theology than most Canadians - yet Canada is a majoritarily Christian country. Then again, I studied comparative religion and theology and I also know far more about Islamic theology than most Muslims. And I know more about Jewish theology than most practicing Jews.

My point is that people who are not familiar with the theological perspective which they allegedly represent - let alone those of their readers/debaters - should shut the hell up.

Don't discuss "theology" of any sort if you can't at the very least spell the word and know and understand its definition. Ditto ideology.

Too bad the "self-esteem" levels of generations under 40 are so inflated and accompanied by a comparable sense of self-entitlement. But when you add the essentially Canadian characteristic of "sense of smug superiority", then the stage is set for the gasbags to wheeze at each other.

The ambient aural environment in Canada - even much of the Canadian blogosphere - is filled with the keaning sounds of the chronically smug wailing over the lack of recognition the world is according them.

If Canada doesn't matter to Canadians, why should it matter to anybody else? Media outside Canada know EXACTLY what they are documenting these days - a country without a unifying identity euthanizing itself with silly laws passed by little people with even smaller axes to grind.

Canada has stopped being a country and has begun to be regarded as a "chronic care patient" whose ultimate demise SOME of us are trying to delay.

But that Canada will cease to be Canada within my lifetime is pretty much a foregone conclusion as far as I can see. Canadians just don't have THE BALLS OR THE BACKBONE NECESSARY anymore to organize to save what Canada once was a very long, long time ago.

Too bad most Canadians seem to spend such a huge amount of time worship at the altar of self and self-deception.

Just an observation (or two)...

6:40 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BB, I already made the offer.
Can't we trade them VGR for the good Doctor? Something tells me VGR would be happier there.

2:47 pm  
Blogger The Bovina Bloviator said...

By gum, anonymous, you did make that offer and I noted the regretful reply of our blogress.

I, of course, would be all in favor of the trade you propose but it would hardly be fair to the good people of Canada. On the other hand, trading VGR to Canada would ensure he is never found there so perhaps we shouldn't rule it out.

2:08 pm  

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