Friday, June 27, 2008

Between routines

The kids are all off school now - Emma finished her exams last week, Thomas finished on Monday, and James had his little graduation from elementary school on Wednesday. Next year he goes to the BIG school with Thomas! He did very well at the graduation, marching up onstage with his teachers to shake hands with the principal and vice-principal, and the applause didn't faze him one bit. As I'd come with the other kids to watch him, we took him home with us after the assembly; he wouldn't have liked it if we'd just gone home and left him behind!

Now there's a week off before summer camp starts for the boys. They've started out by monopolizing the computer - I'm only able to type this because they're both taking naps right now! It's still rather unsettled weather, with rain showers predicted most days, but it is getting warmer. Yesterday afternoon we had a thundershower which resulted in a 2-hour power failure! Dean arrived home from work to find the house very quiet - no computer, no TV, no sound of fridges operation, nothing. He said to me, "I assume you'd just listened to 6 straight hours of The Three Stooges, which accounts for taking such extreme measures." I laughed - I haven't yet been driven to the extremity of climbing an electric pole and cutting the wires to the entire neighbourhood in order to get some peace and quiet, but it was getting close. Thomas and James LOVE the Three Stooges, and watch it all the time on YouTube (I'm not stupid enough to buy them any videotapes or dvds of them!). They especially adore the loudest slapstick moments, and play them over and over and OVER again. "WHAK-AAAUUUGGHHH-CRUNCHCRUNCHCRUNCH-EEEEK-VAVOOVAVAVAVA-NYUKNYUKNYUK" 20 times in a row. You try it, I dare you, and see how long you last.

There was a rabbit in the backyard this afternoon - how do they get in? I've put metal rods in all the gaps under the fence, but there must be another one I've missed.

The sour cherry tree is coming into season; I picked a cup of the earliest ones today, because I didn't want them to just fall off and be wasted. Not enough to do anything with on their own, but I had frozen cherries from last year, so I mixed them in and made a pie. Sad news about the damson tree - all the dampness resulted in a blight. Galls, or cankers formed on the branches, and the only thing you can do is cut them off; I had to cut off 8 branches, including the branch that had (sob!) the only two plums on the whole tree. I'm convinced it's all the rain that resulted in the disease, and I just hope I stopped it in its tracks. The tree is still strong, and it grows quickly, so I'm sure it will make up the loss of branches, but it's still disappointing.


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