Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mental comfort food

This has been a bad news week; the Richard Warman lawsuits against Canadian bloggers got me very disturbed. It's not just the two I mentioned, Kathy Shaidle and Kate MacMillan, but also Ezra Levant and Free Dominion. Jay Currie's observations on Warman's manoeuvres to chop his way to the net and score 4 ugly goals are worth reading: he is suing for $50,000 (each, I suppose) because that's the maximum one can sue for and avoid the discovery phase of a trial.

Oddly enough, though, yesterday I started to feel better about all this, and reading Currie's comment this morning made me feel better still. I kept half-remembering some passage from Lord of the Rings that was relevant, so I got out my book, paged through it, and I think I found it. It's not one of the grand, emotional speeches about hope in the darkness and faith in the final victory of good. No, it was a plain, tactical comment:
In which no doubt you will see ourgood fortune and our hope. For imagining war he has let loose war, believing that he has no time to waste; for he that strikes the first blow, if he strikes it hard enough, may need to strike no more. So the forces that he has long been preparing he is now setting in motion, sooner than he intended. Wise fool. For if he had used all his power to guard Mordor, so that none could enter, and bent all his guile to the hunting of the Ring, then indeed hope would have faded: neither Ring nor bearer could long have eluded him.
Currie is right:
One key thing: Warman is betting all the marbles here. His credibility and the credibility of the CHRC are now in play. Warman was the CHRC’s creature and, I suspect the evidence will show, the CHRC became his creature as he casually crossed the line between investigator and complainant. By filing this litigation Warman is putting his reputation on the line but, more importantly, he is putting the reputation of the Canadian Human Rights Commission into issue.
But what is more, I believe that this is not the course of action Warman would have preferred. I don't believe that this is the final unfolding of a well-laid plan, as the (easily impressed) Warren Kinsella believes. I think this is an unwelcome hastening of the pace, before victory is out of reach.

I think he would have preferred to use his familiar tools, the HRCs, with all their built-in advantages. He's had a 100% success rate with them so far; who would willingly give up such favourable ground in a battle? But I suspect that the attention and pressure from the blogosphere in the past 3-4 months have weakened that weapon. No more will he be able to work in such peaceful obscurity: every case he brings from now to eternity will be hauled into public and shouted to the world. His targets are no longer isolated, uninformed and abandoned to the well-oiled money-gouging humiliation machine he so lovingly worked upon. That particular game will never be the same.

And so I see in this sudden explosion of lawsuits a cry of rage: They're getting away!!! It's an aggressive move to cut off the enemy before he can close the circle on a killing siege.
I feel from afar his haste and fear. He has begun sooner than he would. Something has happened to stir him.
"We must push Sauron to his last throw," as Aragorn said, and Gimli said that the hasty stroke often goes awry. It takes heroism to make oneself the bait, as Ezra, Kathy, Kate and Connie have - if we have their back, I think we'll win, and break this obscene oppression so it won't rise again.


Blogger Mark Francis said...

Warman is suing over a post at Free Dominion he says he did not author. The post is racist and misogynist. The evidence that he did not write it is considerable. Please see:

2:18 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

I don't believe Warman. I believe the evidence that shows an overwhelming likelihood that he DID write it.

3:11 pm  
Blogger The Bovina Bloviator said...

Dr., a parallel with the Episcopal Church was noted in an earlier posting and I dare say it can be made again. You write "And so I see in this sudden explosion of lawsuits a cry of rage: They're getting away!!!" Isn't that precisely the motive behind the Episcopal Church's lawsuits?

2:17 pm  
Anonymous USpace said...

IMHO is Warman acting like a certified fascist? Canada is now a fascist country? I bet American, European and Australian bloggers can mock Warman right into a straight jacket. Everyone in Canada must hear about this Warman and the HRC injustice!

This fellow in the HRC, Richard Warman, sounds like a totally wonderful human being who doesn’t have a huge chip on his shoulder or one evil bone in his whole fair-minded body.

He doesn’t at all sound like a sick and demented bastard who is angry
and bitter because he got his butt massively kicked in those elections years ago.

absurd thought -
God of the Universe likes
human rights commissions

that violate human rights
while claiming to protect them

absurd thought -
God of the Universe hates
real freedom of speech

an American concept
which is NOT for Canada

Why Does Canada Allow This?

All real freedom starts with freedom of speech.
If there is no freedom of speech, then there can be no real freedom.


7:48 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:51 pm  

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