Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The long winter finally ends

This long, dreadful winter is finally over. We've been having temperatures in the mid 20s this past week, and it was enough to get rid of the snow. I looked at last year's blog, to get some idea of how this year compares, and I'd say we're about 3 weeks behind. This was the state of things on April 2 last year. This year, the chives are at about the same stage, but they have ZOOMED into growth. Three days ago, they were still under snow. The same goes for the rhubarb. A week ago, the bleeding hearts were just a little fringe 1" above the ground; today they're 6" high, with panicles of unopened flowers drooping on the stems!

The sudden warmth is making things grow more than twice as fast as last year, when it was a slow, gradual warming through late March and early April. I have to hurry outside to scrape up the dead leaves, because the new growth underneath needs air. No real leaves on the trees yet, but every day you can see more and more yellowish/green haze on the branches. In another week, there will be actual leaves out!

It wasn't too cold this winter, and the heavy snow insulated most plants, so I think the only loss so far is one of my Benjamin Britten roses. The snow came so early, I didn't have time to put styrofoam cones over them, and the weight of the snow split off half the rosebush. I guess the shock was too much for it. The other two seem to have survived, even though I ran out of time to prune them last year. The two apple trees are getting leaves, and the damson plum survived the winter - it's later than the apples and the cherry, but I can see the little leaf buds starting to get green at their tips.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

For a second there, I thought Schori had stepped down or something ... watch those titles.

6:40 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

In her case, the long winter won't end until a really big lion jumps on her.

7:35 pm  

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