Thursday, April 10, 2008

Canadian bloggers sued

Canada's biggest little nobody, Richard Warman, is once again using the legal system in Canada as his personal ATM machine. The cash infusion this time is intended to come out the hides of some of Canada's best bloggers, Kathy Shaidle and Kate MacMillan. Don't let it happen - go to their sites, and make a donation to their legal funds if you can.

And you might want to buy a copy of Shaidle's e-book "Acoustic Ladyland", which is a selection of many of her Toronto Star columns. Everyone will win - she'll get some money from the sale, and you'll get a good read. I just got it myself; my first laugh-out-loud experience came in the first essay, with the line, "My marching days were numbered when the Wymyn’s Caucus changed its name because “caucus has the word ‘cock’ in it.” Please do what you can.


Anonymous Antique said...

I wish I knew more about the laws in Canada that permit this, but from what I do know, this "court" is designed to protect certain people from discrimination and malicious abasement. If my understanding is correct, I should think a bit of clever work might turn the tables.

Just for example, suppose those who are being sued got themselves a vanity address in Quebec, learned a little French, looked up a name or two of ancestors who happen to have been French Canadian. I.e., they claim to be French Canadian themselves.

Wouldn't it then be simple enough to file a counter suit claiming unjust persecution against them merely because they are French Canadian?

OK, so perhaps French Canadian isn't a "protected" ethnic group (I don't know, are they?) So find another "protected" group and claim to be one of them. Then file the counter suit against Richard Warman.

In any conflict between emotion and logic, emotion wins. Successfully fighting this sort of hysteria means fighting on the emotional level. Reason, logic, points of law and rational thought are guaranteed losers. Absurd charges, when a "court" is on record as favoring the absurd, must be fought with more absurd charges.

A good lesson is found in the old BBC series Blackadder, episode 5, Witchsmeller Pursuivant. Fighting that kind of logic, when the court is receptive to it, requires being just as inventive. The charges must be turned against the prosecution, making the prosecution guilty of the very charges they levy against the defendant.

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