Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hectic week

It's been a busy week. Renovations on Bathroom #2 began on Tuesday, with a complete gutting of the room. Then we had to wait for two days for the walls to DRY OUT, because the insulation was so poor, and the shower so old, condensation had left the walls just BLACK. I set a fan going in there, to speed things up. As usual whenever one disturbs walls, a dozen or so very stupid flies appeared from somewhere. This always seems to happen - I guess they hibernate behind the walls somewhere, and then wake up when the warmth hits them, but the funny thing is that they're always STUPID. They don't fly away when you come after them with a fly swatter, they just continue to buzz dumbly at the window. I think they're last year's model of fly. They should have died with the others in the fall but accidentally got trapped in the house, and now they're only functioning on about 1/4 brain power.

James is getting wound up about this bathroom again - he calls it "Special Bathroom". The truth is, he's still holding out hope that we're constructing for him a sort of Water Tank, like Teller uses for his magic trick, and that he'll be able to fill it up ("Big Water") and float around inside it, looking out through glass sides. It's hard to explain that that's not what we have in mind, but you don't dare just flatly say "NO!" or he'll be infuriated and uncomprehending.

Speaking of James, I had a phone interview with his teacher (report cards are coming out), and there was mention under "behaviour" of an increase in "inappropriate touching" (of himself, not of the teachers). Well, you know teenage boys, and James has absolutely NO sense of shame, so this is something that we have to try to reduce through reminder, until it fades down a bit. Though when Dean and I were discussing it, Dean said, "I don't understand the problem. 'Inappropriate touching?' Why don't they just TELL him, 'James, stop picking your nose', and give him a Kleenex! I'm sure that'll stop the problem right there!"

Dean was sent by his department to take a 2-day St. John's Ambulance first-aid course, and it turned out to be much more complicated than we expected. I thought it would be just how to stop bleeding cuts and how to administer an epi-pen, but he came home after the first day, and said that they'd been learning about AMPUTATIONS! Now, I misunderstood, and thought that he meant they'd been teaching HIM how to amputate limbs, but in fact, they'd been learning how to cope with people who've somehow undergone an unexpected amputation (sliced off the fingers with the paper-cutter, that sort of thing). Even so, that's still pretty gross. I said that it sounds like Dean and his fellow-students are being trained to be "first responders" in the event of some sort of terrorist attack - of course, I was still imagining poor Dean having to amputate a leg while trying to extricate someone who's pinned down in a collapsed building. Dean had a nightmare that night, that he was trying to escape from a bomb-rigged unmanned car that terrorists had unleashed against him!

Oh, and at one point, the teacher was educating them on how to keep the patient calm and reassured at all times. You don't LIE to them, but keep saying that help is coming, it'll be alright, etc. Dean asked if "Do you have any last words?" would count as reassuring, and got a decided no. I told him that I would lump that along with "Do you want a priest?" as comments to avoid when trying to calm someone down.


Blogger Toral said...

So the fly larvae I planted so carefully have finally been given their chance! Dumb flies! They were supposed to plant the "Make Dean buy more white wine" bacterium, but have probably failed at that as well.

Don't know if you're still such a Penn and Teller fan but Penn is a pretty big time anateur poker player now. Funny at the table, as one would expect.


4:28 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Isn't that odd! I thought they'd be very much against gambling, since it's the sort of thing that attracts suckers. But Penn's quite bright intellectually; maybe the mathematics appeals to him. I guess he's rich enough to be able to afford to do it.

No, the flies haven't succeeded in getting Dean to buy more white wine - he's been getting nothing but red lately! You'll have to come over and convince him yourself!

8:52 pm  
Blogger Toral said...

Well, Penn's now good enuf that people will pay him to play, so he's not now risking any money. He has played a lot on the Equalizer, a poker show in which celebrity amateurs are given more chips than the pros they play against.

Penn's pretty good. It was very amusing on a recent show to see Penn whining against Jennifer Tilly being considered an an amateur (On an Equalizer show)


9:07 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

I wonder how long before poker becomes an Olympic sport?

9:15 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Hey Alan...we are close enough now to start serious planning for your trip. Any dates after I get back from England is good...April 10.

Emma is asking when you are coming.


7:31 am  
Blogger Justthisguy said...

Dean seems like an honest, earnest, Aspie-type person. As someone who thinks he is also one of those, I would appreciate words like that, when we both know I am fixing to die.

2:32 pm  

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