Thursday, February 21, 2008

What I should have said

Jacki Brucchi at Stand Firm kindly linked to the post below, and particularly to the comments section. I tend to be a little terse (for me, at any rate) in the comments, because I feel that if I have a LOT to say, I should spin it into a separate post, and sometimes I don't have time, so I only cover the basics.

The comment was
And homosexuals don't realize that it's only Christianity that even bothers to consider them as human beings worth saving. But in their rage against God, their determination to show Him, and the rest of the "haves" who won't let them rewrite reality, they're going to spend their last strength clawing and choking their "enemy", even though he's the lifeguard who's trying to hold them up and keep them from drowning.

It's like that speech from 'A Man For All Seasons', about what happens when you cut down all the laws to attack the Devil. "And when the last law was down, and the Devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat?" When the last church is down, and the Devil turns 'round, where will people hide, and how will they stand in the howling wilderness that will be left?
I should have realized (once I started hunting down quotations) that this would have been better as a separate post.

So, to clarify, what I was getting at was this: Christianity alone has a place for homosexuals in its cosmos, because it has a place for EVERYONE. That's what a cosmology is - it includes everything because it has an explanation for everything.

Homosexuals may not like what that entails, and there has been lots of discussion over why the requirements are unreasonable and onerous and unfair. That's a separate matter. But no other system even comes close to Christianity's complicated and thoroughly reasoned way of incorporating sinners of all kinds into God's plan.

It's not just that Muslims kill homosexuals and Christians don't - Islam doesn't even have a remote possibility of figuring out a way of working these people into its system. Christianity can work from the revelation of the one good God who created everything, saw the self-made brokenness of every human soul, and found a way to save every human being through Jesus Christ's death and resurrection. Islam has no response except "Kill them," because that's what Mohammed ordered, and nothing more can be said. It's Christianity that says, "But sin never has the last word. If a man repents, if he believes, then..." and all the possibilities start from that point.

I'm not an expert in every culture and every era, but I can't think of any, other than the Christian West, where these particular sinners have been allowed onto a level playing field with all other sinners, and given the same chance to repent and be saved as everyone else. Even when the civil laws have reflected the popular prejudice against perversity, the Church had its deep reservoirs of tradition and reason to maintain that these, too, can come in if they accept the terms God offered. Christianity is the only refuge and shelter for us misfits.

I see the same attitude of making room for the unwanted when it comes to the handicapped. Secular governments are far too prone to regard human beings in terms of their cost-effectiveness, and I am always acutely aware of the fact that some regard my children as a burden on society. This attitude ranges from impatience and irritation, in a country like Canada, all the way up to ruthless extermination of "useless mouths" in a dictatorship, but they all partake to some extent of the tendency to see human beings as mere things. Homosexuals aren't at the moment vulnerable in that way, though they could be, if the money-changers suddenly decided that increased health care costs were making them equally "inconvenient" to society. Only the Church has a complete view of humanity that sees all human beings, even the most "defective" as valuable and indispensible. It is not in Christian lands that children and the handicapped are rigged up with bombs, or driven through minefields to clear the way for more valuable cattle and plows.

And so it is horrifying to see how deluded homosexual activists are as they carry on their crazed campaign to break the Christian churches that refuse to change their doctrines to accommodate them. It is only in the Christian West that homosexuals have any hope of living decent lives, and it is this culture that they are busily gnawing at and trying to destroy. They are hacking away at an ancient old wooden barrier that they think is blocking a splendid view of the valley below, when it's only that old wooden barrier that holds them back from the abyss. The unhappiness of the defiant sinner is turned outward, and against the Church, which must be punished for refusing to agree that anything but the old way of finding God will work. This method will never succeed in bringing happiness, but as long as there is a Church to fight against, the sinner can pretend that all his miseries come from out there, and not from inside. Once the last wall has fallen, though, he will discover, as Sir Thomas More said in the play, a powerful gale blowing with no barrier to stop it, and against which no man can stand.


Blogger Min O'Pause said...

Your comments are always "interesting", Mabuse.

However, maybe you should replace the word "homosexual" with "Autistic," and see if your rhetoric changes any.

Better yet, read the following, and then tell me how you can continue to write the kinds of things that you do about the 'evil homosexuals.'

By the way, I am certainly not an 'activist,' I am gay, attend church, and oddly enough, my beliefs gel with the church's beliefs. It's a Methodist church as well.

But here's food for thought for you:

Imagine if the boy in the news story was one of your kids.

6:53 pm  

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