Monday, February 25, 2008

Bathroom Renovation - Day 3, 4

Nothing much to photograph - right now the main task is moving the plumbing around, and that entails nothing much more exciting than cutting holes in the floor. The drywall has been put back up in James's room, and the plastic vapour barrier installed over the bathroom, so the cold air is no longer a problem. New insulation has gone into the walls, and the new hot/cold lines into the big shower has been installed, though they're not yet connected to the existing water lines.

The guys delivered the base of the new shower, and it's currently hidden in James's closet with a sheet over it, and a bookcase pulled in front. I don't want him to see it, because he'll be too interested and might try to pull it out, and it's heavy enough to crush a leg!

The big mirror arrived, so now I have all the lights and mirrors that are going to be installed. I still have to find some towel bars, but those might wait until all the fixtures are in, so I can see just how much room I have, and where things can best be installed.


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