Friday, February 08, 2008

Away, slight man

I've heard of "suicide by cop" - when a person deliberately courts suicide by confronting police in a fashion that can only end in his own death. There must be some equivalent descriptive term for what Rowan Williams is doing. Maybe "suicide by cream pie" - he's made such a public fool of himself by his latest jape, endorsing sharia law for British Muslims, that he's in a fair way to collapse under the ridicule. I think that the demands of the job have proved too much for the dimestore Erasmus, and he's trying to get himself kicked out, not having the guts to pull the trigger himself and just resign.

For once, the soothing murmurs of his defenders have not swayed the public. People are no longer awed by the assertions of his brilliance, and the hushed references to HIS BOOKS. We've seen over and over again that the man blabs anything that comes into his head, and it's not a question of a few unfair "gotcha!" questions in an aggressive interview. The guy's never outgrown his undergraduate days, and is living one endless late-night bull session with his pals. He's managed to achieve the exact opposite of what a Christian is supposed to be: with his trendy leftist yens, he's OF the world, but since everything is couched in a never-ending schoolboy hypothetical argument, he's not IN it.

So it's not surprising that he's depending on his associates among "Muslim scholars" who either enjoy the same game of castles in the air, or are smart enough to jerk him along by appealing to his taste for fantasy. Real people know that sharia, like Islam itself, is intensely practical and down-to-earth. That's why a group like The Canadian Council of Muslim Women opposed this sharia project when it was proposed for Ontario - because they know that they will experience it on their own bodies, not in libraries and reading rooms and cozy studies. Williams is fantasizing about scholarly debates between bearded sages, oblivious to the reality, which will be inflicted on the mutilated, violated bodies of legally enslaved women.

Now, today, the Fool of Canterbury is shocked and dismayed by the furor his harmless little remarks have raised. He doesn't seem to feel at all ashamed to discover that he has no connection with, or understanding of, his own countrymen. Even a foreigner like myself is aware of the discontent and disgust of the English for the arrogant Muslim barbarians who are daily provoking and challenging the native population. Yet Williams finds the views of his own people astonishing and unfamiliar, as if THEY were the exotic foreigners. He certainly feels no such discomfort in the company of the erudite "Muslim scholars" who compliment him on his education and interest in Islam.

One way or another, he has to go.


Blogger xavier said...

Dr. Mabuse:
Over at the Holy Smoke blog, Damian points out that Rowan has completely blown up his credibility with the African Christians. The Anglican community is as good as finished.
Also the Moslem had better show lots of humility because very soon they'll get the cosh with the titanium ballbearings in the face.
The Moslems are being lulled by the useful idiots into thinking they'll triumph only to face their worst nightmare


10:11 am  
Anonymous ellie m said...

"Williams is fantasizing about scholarly debates between bearded sages, oblivious to the reality, which will be inflicted on the mutilated, violated bodies of legally enslaved women."

Well said, Dr. Mab -- this is precisely what all those feminist left-wing activists SHOULD be saying, if they hadn't all hopped in bed with the Islamofascists. Which goes to show "liberals" aren't really all that liberal, or they'd stand up for their supposed principles of justice and equality. Instead they've tossed those principles in the trash in order to align themselves with anti-Western powers.

11:16 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought John Shelby Dong was supposed to blow up the communion, not Rowan Muffley!

If he's forced to resign, it will make things that much easier for conservatives to show that they are not the schismatics for wanting out of this farce, and will hopefully give Common Cause, CANA, etc. some steam.

6:39 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Anglican Bishop of Northern Nigeria, a place familiar with the ins and outs of sharia helpfully explains the difference between Dr. Williams breezy theorizing and real life:

9:25 pm  
Anonymous Robbo the Llama Butcher said...

Dr. Williams' shocked, shocked!, distress at the backlash he's received makes me think of somebody playing Russian Roulette with an automatic pistol and exclaiming (as he falls), "I didn't know it was loaded!"

5:35 pm  
Anonymous Antique said...

Well, yes. The man's got to go, no question. But, have you read HIS BOOKS? I mean, these things are great.

You see, as the first few pages become stained with coffee or spilled beer, you just tear off a few sheets from the spine and, voila! You've a fresh, new drink coaster, ready to go.

6:37 pm  

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