Monday, January 07, 2008

Sigh of relief

The holidays ended today! Correction: the kids' holidays ended today. My holiday begins the moment they go back to school. Except for a few Thomas-James battles, when they went a little nuts from cabin fever, it wasn't a bad 2 weeks.

We're in a thaw right now, which is producing non-stop fog outside, along with reducing the height of the snow mountains around the driveway. This won't last, of course, but it's always tempting when this January warm spell arrives, to think that THIS year is going to be different, and we won't have to face -25C temperatures again. I was in the hardware store today, and just for a break, I drifted through the greenhouse section, to look at some nice green plants and African violets. They have the SEEDS out already! I didn't buy any, but I gave serious thought to a package of Chinese long bean seeds as well as some sweet peas. The first seed catalogues have already arrived, and I'm daydreaming about what to plant this spring.

To keep us busy until spring arrives, we've embarked upon bathroom renovations. We're going to get both bathrooms completely stripped and replaced with new fixtures and flooring - instead of a replacing the ancient (avocado green) bathtub with a new one, we've decided to go for one of these beautiful giant tub-sized shower enclosures with a built-in bench and glass doors - almost a Roman look to it. We figured that nobody in the house really goes for BATHS anymore, we all prefer showers, so why install something we're not really going to use? Anyway, I have to go back tomorrow to start picking out floor tiles and fixture colours - this will be fun. At least, until all the hammering and installing starts (later in February).


Blogger Kasia said...

Ooh, those shower enclosures are nice! Though I myself would hate life without bubble baths... :-p

I will just say, in case you don't watch Holmes on Homes, be very careful picking your contractor!!!

12:23 pm  

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