Monday, December 24, 2007

'When the jihad is in, the wit is out'

One of the main complaints of Mohammed Elmasry and his student hangers-on is that Mark Steyn has written that the Muslim population in the West is increasing while the non-Muslim population is decreasing. As Steyn has often said, he has become a "demography bore" on the subject, and has written many columns devoted to the statistics of reproduction in Europe. Elmasry's lengthy complaint contains language drawn directly from 'America Alone', including
29. The number of Muslims in Europe is expanding "like mosquitoes".
We've all dealt with Christians who proof-text - go scanning the Bible for isolated phrases that can be grabbed and brandished to support a thesis, without any attention to context. This is another such case: as Steyn points out, the "mosquitoes" statement was a direct quote from one Mullah Krekar of Norway. The problem seems to be not so much "racism" as "'Anglo Americans' boorish enough to let the cat out the bag".

But if it's "racist" to state that Muslims are becoming more numerous, let's try this thought experiment:
Within 50 years, Islam will be extinct on the European continent. Christianity will be triumphant, and Islam will be in retreat even in its ancient strongholds. A failed, brittle, incompetent ideology will crumple before a reinvigorated Christendom, which will be erecting churches on the abandoned husks of mosques in Syria and Iran. A weak, demoralized remnant of aging Muslims will be seeking terms from a surging Christian movement even as their children convert to the stronger, more confident religion. Etc.
This would be acceptable, no? No nasty racist suggestions that Muslims have never had it so good, so I'm certain there'd be nothing to make any Muslim complain. Somehow, I think that they'd still find something to be "offended" at.

But that's the whole point. It's not that this particular form of argument is objectionable, whereas that one on the same subject is just fine. The urge behind the use of these petty Committees of Public Safety (aka the Human Rights Commission) is to make certain things literally unsayable in any form.

Having recently converted to the Roman Catholic Church, I'm well aware of the sneers about "leaving your brain at the door", and the accusation that Catholics are "not allowed to think" anything that the Church doesn't want them to. But this is not only a lie about the Catholic Church, it is the true nature of thought-control mechanisms like the HRC. They are designed to create a culture of cowed, voluntary thought-aversion. Certain ideas are to be elevated into a Holy of Holies, before which the common herd must crouch down and avert their eyes, lest they be blasted for impious effrontery. One must not even LOOK at, let along TOUCH, something as sacred as the superiority of the Sacred Alien, whose ways are not our ways, but which must be unhindered in its triumphant passage over our customs, our history and our instincts.

And don't misunderstand my use of the term "Alien" - I am not referring to mere foreigners. I am referring to whatever is counterintuitive, against the grain, unnatural, and harmful to our traditional way of life. Homosexual chic, atheism, moral degeneracy, narcissism - all these are homegrown and alien to our culture. They are examples of what Chesterton called our "modern and morbid weaknesses of always sacrificing the normal to the abnormal."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This entire Steyn episode is a blot on Canada's liberal - truly liberal - tradition. It's a rehashing of Rush's song, The Trees, where "all are kept equal; with hatchet, axe and saw."

I hope and pray it will be the beginning of the end of these political show trials and the HRC itself. Huey Long said that fascism will come to America in the garb of anti-fascism. He'd surely include Canada in that.


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