Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Not even I can think of words bad enough to describe this vile abortion-monger. Naturally, she's a so-called "priest" in that so-called "church", TEC. The only good thing I can think of is that at one time, she must have been a halfway decent person, BEFORE she was sucked into the clerical orbit of the Religious Black Hole. On her first go-round, she rejected abortion as a solution to her problems; by the time the Episcopal Church got its hooks into her, the humanity had been successfully programmed out of her, and she had all the virtues for ordination - a morbidly copulating killer.

I was thinking of something Ayn Rand wrote once. There was a time, when people would have recoiled from someone like this, as you would before a doctor who turned up in an operating theater with open smallpox sores on his face. It's not a moment for cool debate and exquisite pondering. You don't stop to consider how the doctor feels about his situation, or how he got this way, or if there aren't extenuating circumstances that should make you hesitate to "judge" him. You recoil from something unclean, and then you flee for your life.

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Anonymous Anglican Paplist said...

Good Dr.,
Nor can I. And as a former sailor, welder and construction worker I surely have fathoms more experience in nasty name calling. This person has forfeited her soul, unless she repents. Murder is murder and abortion is just that.

1:50 pm  

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