Saturday, December 01, 2007

Hitting the sauce

The HP sauce, that is. Our local Bulk Barn has just introduced a line of imported English products, and yesterday my eye was caught by the HP Mild Indian Curry they had on display.

Now, I'm a bit of a curry snob, as I've learned to make very good curry myself. I never buy "curry powder" at the store, but blend and grind my own garam masala. Most boughten curry sauces taste too sweet or too tomatoey for me, but I was really taken with this product. It is mild and a little sweet, but it doesn't have that "ordinary" curry flavour - it's got a slight tamarind/chutney taste, and it's really captivating. It says on the bottle it's good for chicken, but I first tried it on a taco, and it was GREAT! I think it would be wonderful on hamburgers, too.

I might well have been hitting the other sauce today (or as Dean and I call it, "respite in a bottle") because Dean is out of town this weekend, attending a wedding in London (Ontario). And as I said to him as he was leaving, EVERY SINGLE TIME he goes out of town, something goes wrong or breaks down. The most famous incident was the giant power failure that blacked out the entire east coast 3 summers ago - he was on his way to Toronto for a wrestling tournament, and just had to turn around and drive back (with no streetlights all the way). This time was no different - last night the fridge conked out. I decided that I am sick of struggling along with a second-hand fridge that's never worked properly (but this time was a serious breakdown - I think it lost all its coolant), so I went out shopping this morning to buy a new one. I got an Amana 22 cu.ft. fridge with the freezer on the bottom. And best of all, IT'S BLACK! I don't know why I never thought of this before - James is continually scribbling on any white surface, and I'm forever scrubbing off his graffitti. This will stop him cold.

The new fridge comes on Thursday; meanwhile, we have the old backup fridge in the garage, to hold the milk and perishable stuff until then. No, it's not a beer fridge - it's just an old fridge that still works, and we keep eggs and flour and other stuff that James would love to throw around if he could get his hands on it. But I feel like maybe I SHOULD call it a beer fridge, after reading this story about how Canadian beer drinkers are destroying the planet. So take that, Bob. Now you know what David Suzuki REALLY thinks about you, maybe you'll think twice about letting him live in your basement. After all, YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!


Blogger LocoOwl said...

I have about had it with these moralizing do-gooders who feel qualified to point fingers at other people's energy-wasting and global-warming behavior while the jet off to a Global Warming conference in Bali!

Enough already folks!

Allen Lewis

11:51 pm  

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