Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Five feet high and rising

That's about the height of the piles of snow on either side of our driveway at the moment. Ontario was hit on Sunday by a record-breaking snowfall, and we still haven't recovered. The kids were home yesterday for the second snow day of the year, and it isn't even Christmas yet, but today they went back so I was able to venture out on the roads. Usually after 2 days, things are pretty well back to normal, but not this time. Roads have been ploughed for the most part, but not salted, so they're very slippery. Plus all the snow heaped up by the roadside is still there, and probably won't be removed for days. On Riverside, that's TWO lanes of traffic that are ploughed (although the snow has encroached so much, by now it's pretty much 1.5 lanes). Of course, we have to clear that heaped-up snow from the end of our driveway, and it's back-breaking work. That's why the piles are so high on either side; there's twice as much snow as there is on a normal side street. On the other hand, at least we can count on the ploughs, because our road is basically a north-south highway, and essential for commuters. The poor people on the sidestreets have to wait for days for ploughs; how they manage if they have to deal with hills, I don't know.

One moment of schadenfreude: this snow dump coincided with the end of the Bali blatherfest on global warming, and a lot of the Ottawa bureaucrats and pressure groups who attended were stuck when the airports closed. Even when they finally struggled back to Ottawa, they had to wait for hours for taxis, because of the backup.

It's snowing again; 2-4 centimeters predicted today, and again tomorrow. However, they're predicting a high of +6 and RAIN on Saturday! That's going make a mess, since all the storm drains are covered up right now.


Anonymous Kasia the Yank said...

I just have to say two things:

1. I had the same reaction about the "global warming" thing;

2. You spelled it "centimeters"! Yay!! :-p

2:56 pm  
Blogger Dr. Mabuse said...

Ah, as opposed to "centimetres"? I think I usually go for the "meter" spelling, on the grounds that the whole metric system is FOREIGN anyway, so it doesn't lend itself to the quaintness of British spelling. Though I think if I were writing about music, I'd spell it "metre".

However, I steadfastly refuse to change my pronunciation of "kilometer" to suit the purists. They say it should be pronounced "KILL-o-meeter"; I say "kil-OM-iter". It sounds better and flows more nicely.

I've always like the fact that English can support a lot of eccentricities.

10:28 am  

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